March 10, 2017

Michanu Fui: Okinoerabujima Language Learning Picture Book

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Michanu Fui: A Picture Book to Help People Learn/Revive Okinoerabujima Language 

Linguists on Okinoerabujima language published a picture book titled Michanu Fui / 『みちゃぬ ふい』.  The picture book explains the Okinoerabujima language vocabularies and comes with a CD-ROM. The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa received a copy as a gift, and it will be available soon. (As of March 9, 2017, the materials are in processing).

According to the project which produced Michanu Fui, the title (Michanu Fui) means “the voice of the land” in the modern Japanese language.

michanu fui

Okinoerabujima on Google Maps

[Map source: Google Maps, accessed on March 9, 2017, HST]

UH Mānoa Library also has several resources on Okinoerabujima. Below is one of them.

Amami no warabeuta to asobi. 1. Yorontō, Okinoerabujima, Tokunoshima hen / Hidaka Yoshihiro, Maehara Ryūkō. (奄美のわらべ歌と遊び. 1. 与論島·沖永良部島·徳之島編 / 日高良廣·前原隆鋼.)