May 2, 2017

Photo Book RED FLOWER, THE WOMEN OF OKINAWA by a photographer by Mao Ishikawa

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A new photo book titled Red Flower, the women of Okinawa [赤花 アカバナ 沖縄の女] by a photographer Mao Ishikawa [石川真生]

The Ryukyu Shimpo describes the photo book as “a compilation of 80 photographs, including previously un-published pictures, taken from 1975-1977 in Koza and Kin, capturing women and American soldiers while Ishikawa was working in bars that serviced the American military.”

Source:, accessed on May 1, 2017, HST.

The Japanese version of the same article can be read here.

Ms. Ishikawa was also invited to speak at UC Berkeley on race, gender, and nation on April 7, 2017, along with the professors, Wendy Matsumura of UC San Diego and Annmaria Shimabuku of New York University.

The readers can look at some of the photographs included in the photo book here.

Some pictures included in the photo book titled Red Flower, the Women of Okinawa

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