June 19, 2017

Battle of Okinawa website by NHK

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Nippoin Hōsō Kyōkai (NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation) has created an online exhibit of The Battle of Okinawa: since 1945.3.20-1945.6.23.



Warning from the Site: “The images and the photographs of human bodies will be shown to tell the reality of war.”

Image of the NHK's site titled the Battle of Okinawa

The site is written in both English and Japanese. Unfortunately, GAMA 360° worked only in the Japanese version of the page.


NHK also aired a documentary titled “Compassion in the War Zone” (Senju no Chimugukuru / 戦場の真心 チムグクル:沖縄を救った日系人) on August 22, 2015.

The documentary features on the 100th Infantry Battalion veteran, Thomas “Taro” Higa who was the 2nd generation Okinawan from Hawai’i.

The Hawaii Nisei Projet at the University of Hawai’i has some information about Higa and his effort to rescue the civilians from the caves during the Battle of Okinawa.

Image of the site "The Hawai'i Nisei Story"

“Only one [other MIS man who spoke the Okinawan dialect], Taro Higa. Taro Higa is the original 100th Infantry member, he fought in Italy with the 100th. And after VE-Day, he came home to be discharged. But seeing that how civilians suffered in the European war, instead of getting discharged, he requested transfer to Okinawa. Go to Okinawa instead of getting discharged.”