July 3, 2017

Okinawa 1935: photos before the Battle of Okinawa

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Okinawa 1935: a collaborative website between Asahi Shinbun and The Okinawa Times

Okinawa 1935 (沖縄1935: 写真でよみがえる戦前) is a website collaborated by the two newspaper companies in Japan–Asahi Shinbun and The Okinawa Times.

The site offers a glimpse of people’s lives in Koja, Naha, Itoman, and Kudakashima with the photos taken in 1935–before the Battle of Okinawa. The photographs on the site are available for purchase through Asahi Shinbun Photo Archive. The site also provide the readers with the related newspaper articles.

Top page of a website titled Okinawa 1935

Newspaper articles from Okinawa 1935