April 22, 2019

Okinawan Princess Da Legend of Hajichi Tattoos

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The local Hawai’i publisher, Bess Press, is going to publish a book titled Okinawan Princess: Da Legend of Hajichi Tattoos, written by Lee A. Tonouchi, illustrated by Laura Kina, and transted into Japanese & Okinawan by Masashi Sakihara.

Okinawan Princess: Da Legend of Hajichi Tattoos

The image above is copyrighted by Bess Press. Bess Press approved the use of this image on this blog.

Okinawan Princess: Da Legend of Hajichi Tattoos, Honolulu: Bess Press, 2019.

Below is an excerpt about the author and the illustrator.

About the author

“Lee A. Tonouchi is a full Okinawan yonsei born and raised in Hawai’i. He is known as “Da Pidgin Guerrilla” for his championing of Pidgin a.k.a Hawai’i Creole to be accepted as a legitimate language. His last book, Significant Moments in da Life of Oriental Faddah and Son: One Hawai’i Okinawan Journal, published by Bess Press, won the Association for Asian American Studies Book Award for Poetry/Prose.

About the illustrator

Laura Kina is a “hapa, yonsei, Uchinanchu” artist and educator based in Chicago. Her artwork addresses Asian American and mixed race identities and histories with a focus on Okinawa and Hawai’i diasporas. She is a Vincent de Paul Professor of Art, Media, & Design at DePaul University and coeditor of War Baby/Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art (University of Washington Press, 2013), and Que(e)rying Contemporary Asian American Art(University of Washington Press, 2017).”

Source: https://www.besspress.com/okinawan-princess

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Library has some hajichi / 針突 (tattoos in Okinawa) related resources.

  • Shinpan Hajichi no aru fūkei : Higa Seishin shashin ten / henshū Naha-shi Rekishi Hakubutsukan. = 『新版ハジチのある風景 : 比嘉清眞写真展』 / 編集那覇市歴史博物館 [2010]
  • Hajichi : Misato chiku / Henshū Okinawa-shi Kyōiku Iinkai Bunkaka. = 『針突 : 美里地区』 / 編集沖縄市教育委員会文化課. [1987]
  • Nantō hajichi kikō : Okinawa fujin no irezumi o miru / Ichikawa Shigeharu cho. = 『南島針突紀行 : 沖縄婦人の入墨を見る』 / 市川重治著 (1983).