April 9, 2019

Hui O Laulima Garage Sale

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Hui O Laulima, one of the Hawai’i United Okinawa Association’s clubs, is going to have a garage sale!

Hui O Laulima Garage Sale

About Hui O Laulima: “The organization was founded at the suggestion of the late Mr. Tommy Toma who served as president of the United Okinawan Association during the fiscal year 1968-1969. He felt the need for a women’s organization that could assist in taking care of visiting officials from Okinawa and their families.”

Source: http://www.huoa.org/nuuzi/clubs/huiolaulima.html

Questions? Email: huiolaulima[at]gmail.com (replace [at] with @)

March 28, 2019

Afusoryu Sanshin in NY Preview Performance

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The Afusoryu Gensen Kai Hawaii [sic] will have a preview concert before they play in NYC!

Afuso-ryu Preview Performance

  • Date: March 28, 2019
  • Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Location: Hawaii Okinawa Center (94-587 Ukeʻe Street, Waipahu, HI 96797)
  • Admission: $30.00

“Please join us for a special Preview as we bring the DC and NYC performances to you. Be a part of this momentous event, and enjoy an evening filled with live Okinawan koten/minyo music and dance!”

For information or tickets contact Melissa at (808) 497-3037or by email at uyeuntenm@gmail.com

March 21, 2019

Voices from the Homeland: updated information

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Ukwanshin Kabudan is excited to announce that  Gov. Denny Tamaki will be adding his voice to our “Voices from the Homeland” concert.  The Governor will present a Keynote address to open the concert.  It will be interesting to hear him  share his stories and memories of being Uchinānchu.

Voices from the Homeland flyer

Image source: https://bit.ly/2UBqOIb

More information is available from the site below:


March 15, 2019

Voices from the Homeland: music and dance concert

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Ukwanshin Kabudan announced a music and dance concert, accompanied by its 5th LooChoo Identity Summit.

“This year’s musical concert to conclude the 5th annual LooChoo Identity Summit will showcase the songs and dances of Yaeyama. Yaeyama has long been known as a region rich in the performing arts. Local music artist Hiromi Kinjo and graduate students from the Performing Arts program at Yaeyama High School and Norin High School have thrilled audiences with their heart-felt performances. Summit attendees will have preferential reserved seating (concert ticket included in Summit registration). General seating tickets for the public are available for purchase.
Please join us for an exceptional musical experience!”

5th LooChoo Identity Conference Concert

  • Date & Time: Sunday, March 24, 2019, 2PM – 5 PM
  • Location: Windward Community College, Akoakoa Building, Kaneohe, HI
  • Questions?
    • email: ukwanshinevents@gmail.com
    • Phone: 808-781-9568

For general seating reservations:

The troupe also announced that the newly elected Okinawa Prefecture’s Governor, Yasuhiro “Denny” Tamaki will attend the 5th LooChoo Summit.

Governor Tamaki’s schedule at the LooChoo Identity Summit

Windward Community College, 45-720 Keaahala Rd, Kaneohe, HI 96744

Hale ‘Akoakoa, Conference Rooms, 101, 103, 105

Saturday, March 23, 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM

February 14, 2019

Iha Fuyu and Yanagita Kunio

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The Center for Okinawan Studies (COS) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa has invited Professor Emeritus Hiyane Teruo (比屋根照夫) as a guest lecturer. The event was held in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 13, 2019. The title of the colloquium was “the Rise of Modern Okinawan Discourse on Hawai’i’s Social Pluralism.”

“Information on Professor Hiyane: the author of some 20 books and numerous articles on modern Okinawa, will discuss how the Hawaiian Islands were represented as a land of hope and distress by Ifa Fuyū (1876-1947), the “Father of Okinawan Studies”; Ifa Getsujō (1880-1945), Ifa Fuyū’s brother and outstanding journalist who died in the battle of Okinawa; and Higa Seikan (1885-1985), Ifa Fuyū’s follower and Okinawan pastor who immigrated to Hawai’i. The topic of relevant to the democratic ideals and reality that Okinawa continues to face today.”

Excerpt from http://manoa.hawaii.edu/okinawa/wordpress/?p=2241

Professor Hiyane Teruo Colloquium

During the Q & A session, Professor Hiyane made a remark on the friendship between Iha Fuyū (伊波普猷) and Yanagita Kunio (柳田國男).

There is Yanagita Bunko at Seijō University. Yanagita Bunko has an extensive collection of resources related to Tokara, Amami, and Ryukyu islands.

The Okinawa Collection at UH has some items related to this topic.

Another question was raised from the audience with regard to Iha’s idea of preserving Uchinaguchi.

Patric Heinrich’s article, “Hōgen ronsō: the great Ryukyuan languages debate of 1940” sheds light on this issue, including the role Yanagita Kunio and Yanagi Muneyoshi played in the Japan Folk Crafts Society.

  • Heinrich, Patric. “Hōgen ronsō: the great Ryukyuan languages debate of 1940,” in Contemporary Japan, 25(2): 167-187. DOI 10.1515/cj-2013-0008


Professor Hiyane at COS

February 2, 2019

Echoes of Uchina de-ku in Hawai’i

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Ukwanshin Kabudan announced the following taiko (drum) event.

Echoes of Uchina de-ku in Hawai'i

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Mitsufumi Ryubu Taiko, a special concert featuring musicians from Mitsufumi Ryubu Taiko Hozon Kai with an appearance by Hawaii Taiko Kai will be performed on Sunday, April 14 at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. An Aloha Party with entertainment by Hawaii Taiko Kai, Senju Kai and Urizun will follow the concert. Please see the attached flyer for ticket information.

Free bus shuttle will be available to/from the concert. The first bus will leave Jikoen Hongwanji to HOC [Hawai’i Okinawa Center]  and return after the concert. A second bus will return later for those riders attending the Aloha Party.

  • Date: April 14, 2019
  • Time: 3:00 PM (performance) ; Door opens at 2:30 PM
  • Place: Hawai’i Okinawa Center (94-587 Uke’e Street, Waipahu, HI 96797)
  • Aloha Party to follow performance
  • Admissions:
    • Performance Tickets: $35/person
    • Aloha Party tickets: $25/person

For bus reservations, please contact: Diana Kawaguchi
phone: 808-261-8421 (leave your name/phone number)
email: dk1284[at]yahoo.com (send your name/phone number)

Please replace [at] with @.

Please come and enjoy an afternoon of exciting music and join us at the Aloha Party to meet and greet the talented performers.

January 8, 2019

Year of the Pig Shinnenkai at Jikoen Hongwanji Temple

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Ukwanshin Kabudan [=御冠船歌舞団] a Ryukyu/Okinawa performing arts troupe based in Hawai`i, announced that they would throw a Lunar New Year Celebration at Jikoen Hongwanji Temple Hall in Honolulu, HI. Traditionally Okinawans celebrate the New Year on a lunar calendar. This year the Lunar New Year falls on February 5, 2019.

Year of Pig Lunar New Year celebration by Ukwanshin Kabudan

Title of the Event: Lunar New Year Celebration

Date: Saturday, February 9, 2019

Time: 5:30 PM- (Doors open at 5:30 PM)

Location: Jikoen Hongwanji Temple

Admissions Fees: Adults- $20, Children (12 years and below) – $10.00

RSVP is required.

Contact: Ukwanshin Kabudan at 808-781-9658 or ukwanshinevents[at]gmail.com

December 19, 2018

LooChoo Identity Summit 2019

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Ukwanshin Kabudan, a non-profit, Ryukyu performing arts troupe based in Honolulu, has announced that the registration for the 5th LooChoo Identity Summit is now open. This year the LooChoo Identity Summit (previously called Conference) will be held at Hale Ākoakoa on the campus of Windward Community College in Honolulu, HI.

What is LooChoo and what is LooChoo Identity Summit?

5th LooChoo Identity Summit

According to the organizer, the LooChoo Identity Summit is:

“… a three-day gathering that brings people of Ryukyuan descent and Ryukyuan enthusiasts together to ponder and discuss various themes relating to Ryukyuan identity and indigeneity. Over the course of a weekend, we do a variety of lectures, performances, small-group discussions, and large-group sharing to guide participants through a process of critically thinking about their identity and/or their roles within the ethnic community both locally and abroad. While we call it a ‘summit’ – for lack of a better English term – we do not aim to come to a general consensus or resolution, but instead, aim to have individuals walk away with their own personal affirmations that will hopefully spark actions, big and small, to perpetuate understanding and appreciation of our Ryukyuan heritage.”

Source: https://loochooidentity.org/about-2/

The registration and summit’s schedule are available on the following pages.



If you have any questions, please contact the organizer.

October 22, 2018

2018 HUOA Legacy Award

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The 2018 Hawai’i United Okinawa Association (HUOA) Legacy Award Banquet was held in the Coral Ballroom of the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

Hawai’i Governor David Ige attended the banquet.

According to The Hawai’i Herald, the awardees are as follows:

“[T]he late Thomas Taro Higa; Dr. Satoru Izutsu, Ph.D.; former Gov. John Waihe‘e and former first lady Lynne (Kobashigawa) Waihe‘e; retired state Sen. Patsy (Miyahira) Young; and Hooge Ryu Hana Nuuzi no Kai Nakasone Dance Academy shihan Lisa Nakasone Nakandakari, Keith Oshiro and Julia Okamura.”

Herald_admin, “Community Focus–HUOA to Honor Eight at Oct. 14 Legacy Award Banquet,” October 15, 2018, The Hawaii Herald, https://www.thehawaiiherald.com/community-focus-huoa-to-honor-eight-at-oct-14-legacy-award-banquet/.

October 16, 2018

30th Anniversary of UH-Ryudai Partnership Symposium

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This year (2018) marks the 30th anniversary of the University of Hawai‘i and the University of the Ryukyus (Ryūdai) partnership. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Center for Okinawan Studies (COS) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. To commemorate these anniversaries, UH and Ryūdai had a symposium at the Center for Korean Studies at the UH Mānoa [1881 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii (HI) 96822].

Professor David Lassner, the 15th President of UH and Interim Chancellor of the UH Manoa

Above: Professor David Lassner, 15th President of the University of Hawai‘i and Interim Chancellor of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, welcome remarks.

Consul General of Japan Ito

Above: Consul General of Japan Kōichi Itō

Professor Robert Huey of UH Manoa

Above: Professor Robert Huey, the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Professor Yoko Fujita of the University of the Ryukyus

Above: Prof. Yōko Fujita (藤田陽子教授), Director of the Research Institute for Islands and Sustainability at the University of the Ryukyus

Closing Remarks

4th from the right in the front row: Professor Hajime Ōshiro, President of the University of the Ryukyus (琉球大学大城肇学長)

4th from the left in the front row: Prof. Masato Ishida, Director of the Center for Okinawan Studies at UH Mānoa


Panel 1 {10:00-10:50): Okinawa and Hawai’i: Island Cultures and the Natural Environment

  • “Prehistoric Ryukyu Islands and Island Environment” by Kaishi Yamagiwa.
  • “Hawai’i and Okinawa: Shared Waves of Knowing” by Christine Yano.
  • “What Can We Do to Conserve Coral Reef Island Ecosystem under the Threats of Global/Local Stresses?”
    by Takashi Nakamura.
  • “Natural Living Treasures of Hawaii and Okinawa” by Kenneth Kaneshiro.

Panel 2 (11:00 – 11:50): Medical Education, Citizen Science, and the University

  • “The Relationship between Hawaii and Okinawa in Medical Education” by Yusuke Ohya.
  • “Collaborative Faculty Development in Medical Education” by Richard Kasuya.
  • “Citizen Science on Mosquito-borne Disease Control” by Mika Saito & Soyo Takahashi.
  • “Citizen Science in an Accessible Marine Environment: Our Project In Hawai’i Intertidal (OPIHI)” by Joanna Philipp off.

Lunch Break

Panel 3 (13:00 – 13:50): Okinawan Studies & Library Partnership Projects

  • “The Consequences of War Bereavement along the Family Trajectory: The Case of Okinawa”
    by Ando Yoshimi.
  • “Confinement Tracks: Okinawan Internees and POWs in Hawai’i” by Joyce Chinen.
  • “Libraries in Collaboration: The Past, Present, and Future” by Sachiko Iwabuchi.
  • “Significance of the international collaboration project and dissemination of Okinawan Studies to the world: Approach between The UHM and UR Library” by Chinatsu Tomita.

Panel 4 (14:10 -15:00): Technological Innovations for Future Island Industry and Economy

  • “Research and Development of Next-generation Agricultural Production System in University of the Ryukyus” by Shiro Tamaki.
  • “Ambient Computing in Education, Collaboration and STEM Outreach” by Darren Carlson.
  • “Development of Solar Energy Utilization System for Small Islands” by Yoshinobu Kawamitsu.
  • “Portable Tools for Decision Support in Food, Agriculture and the Environment” by Daniel Jenkins.

Panel 5 (15:10 – 16:00): Special Joint Session

  • “Promoting Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)” by Minako Yogi, Manny Hechanova, and E. Brook Chapman de Sousa.

During his presentation, Prof. Bob Huey mentioned a pair of the lion dogs (shīsā; シーサー) which UH received from the University of the Ryukyus as a gift in 2012.

The installation and the mini-exhibit held in Hamilton Library can be accessed at https://guides.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/c.php?g=105543&p=686305.

Shisa Un

Above: Shīsā (“Un,” on the left) with leis after the symposium

Shisa A

Above: Shīsā (“A,” on the right) with leis after the symposium

The shīsā installation (video): https://youtu.be/rj62D5E9MJ0

Also, the University of Hawai‘i News covered the anniversary at https://www.hawaii.edu/news/2018/10/15/university-ryukyus-uh-30-year-partnership/

Okinawan university and UH celebrate 30 year partnership

From left, University of the Ryukyus President Hajime Ōshiro, Governor David Ige and UH President David Lassner.

UH President David Lassner wearing “nuchibana” (貫花) that was a gift from the University of the Ryukyus. Nuchibana reminds us, people in Hawai’i, a Maile Lei. “Nuchibana” is a type of Okinawan dance that has two parts; in the first part women dance with nuchibana in hands, and in the second part women dance with yotsutake (四つ竹), a castanets-like percussion instrument. Yotsutake is also a form of dance as well.


“Okinawa O Shiru Jiten” Henshū Iinkai. “Nuchibana.” Okinawa o Shiru Jiten. Tōkyō: Nichigai Asoshiētsu : Hatsubaimoto Kinokuniya Shoten, 2000.

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