February 14, 2019

Iha Fuyu and Yanagita Kunio

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The Center for Okinawan Studies (COS) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa has invited Professor Emeritus Hiyane Teruo (比屋根照夫) as a guest lecturer. The event was held in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 13, 2019. The title of the colloquium was “the Rise of Modern Okinawan Discourse on Hawai’i’s Social Pluralism.”

“Information on Professor Hiyane: the author of some 20 books and numerous articles on modern Okinawa, will discuss how the Hawaiian Islands were represented as a land of hope and distress by Ifa Fuyū (1876-1947), the “Father of Okinawan Studies”; Ifa Getsujō (1880-1945), Ifa Fuyū’s brother and outstanding journalist who died in the battle of Okinawa; and Higa Seikan (1885-1985), Ifa Fuyū’s follower and Okinawan pastor who immigrated to Hawai’i. The topic of relevant to the democratic ideals and reality that Okinawa continues to face today.”

Excerpt from http://manoa.hawaii.edu/okinawa/wordpress/?p=2241

Professor Hiyane Teruo Colloquium

During the Q & A session, Professor Hiyane made a remark on the friendship between Iha Fuyū (伊波普猷) and Yanagita Kunio (柳田國男).

There is Yanagita Bunko at Seijō University. Yanagita Bunko has an extensive collection of resources related to Tokara, Amami, and Ryukyu islands.

The Okinawa Collection at UH has some items related to this topic.

Another question was raised from the audience with regard to Iha’s idea of preserving Uchinaguchi.

Patric Heinrich’s article, “Hōgen ronsō: the great Ryukyuan languages debate of 1940” sheds light on this issue, including the role Yanagita Kunio and Yanagi Muneyoshi played in the Japan Folk Crafts Society.

  • Heinrich, Patric. “Hōgen ronsō: the great Ryukyuan languages debate of 1940,” in Contemporary Japan, 25(2): 167-187. DOI 10.1515/cj-2013-0008


Professor Hiyane at COS