April 15, 2018

KZOO Radio Show

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In the afternoon of Sunday, April 15, 2018, a local, Hawaii radio, KZOO (1210 kHz), Prof. Yuma Totani, one of the Library Treasures Initiative organizers at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (UHM), Prof. Masato Ishida, Director of the Center for Okinawan Studies (COS) at UHM, and the Okinawa Studies Librarian as its guests.

COS and Treasures Library Initiative and Okinawa Collection



The talk and questions surrounded the UHM Library’s April 25 event titled Hawley and Sakamaki: The Founding of UHM Ryukyuan Studies. Prof. Totani explained how the Colloquium Series started, informed the listeners what the Library Treasures Initiative aimed to achieve by hosting colloquia, and whether or not the colloquia have been open to the community.

Some of the past colloquia can be accessed from the UH Mānoa Library’s “News” section.

COS Director, Prof. Ishida, added a special guest speaker for the April 25 event. Prof. Manabu Yokoyama has been working on Frank Hawley, a British journalist who built a personal collection with Ryukyuan materials. His collection included other than Ryukyus, but UHM Library’s Hawley Collection consists of Hawley’s Ryukyuan resources. Dr. Shunzō Sakamaki, who was President of UH Summer School at the time, purchased the Hawley’s Ryukyu collection and brought it to Hawai’i. The readers can learn more about the purchase and the role that Okinawan community in Hawai’i played in great detail here.

The details of the April 25 Colloquium can be found here.

Registration is not required. 

April 10, 2018

Event Update: special speaker for Treasures at UH Hamilton Library colloquium series

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Update for April 25, 2018 event. Date & Time remain the same as previously announced. 

Prof. Manabu Yokoyama, the author of Shomotsu ni miserareta Eikoku-jin: Furanku Hōrē to Nihon bunka (『書物に魅せられた英国人: フランク・ホーレーと日本文化』) [= An Englishman’s enchantment with books: Frank Hawley and Japanese culture] (2003), will join us as an expert commentator.

Hawley and Sakamaki

The Library’s Asia Collection is home to world-renowned Sakamaki/Hawley Collection that contains over 5,000 items, the bulk of which being Ryūkyū and Okinawa source materials dating back to the 1400s to the 1960s, written in various European languages, Chinese, Japanese, and “Uchināguchi,” the Ryukyuan language. This collection became an integral part of the UHM library treasures thanks to Frank Hawley (1906-1961), an English journalist and an avid book collector with personal ties with Japan, and Dr. Shunzō Sakamaki (1906-1973), a professor of history at UHM and the “father of Ryukyuan Studies” at UHM.

This colloquium will explore afresh the genesis and the breadth of this collection to promote its use by our students and faculty as well as researchers beyond the UHM community. Sachiko Iwabuchi, Okinawa Studies Librarian, will showcase unique items from the collection. Moreover, Professor Manabu Yokoyama, the author of Shomotsu ni miserareta Eikoku-jin: Furanku Hōrē to Nihon bunka [An Englishman’s enchantment with books: Frank Hawley and Japanese culture] (2003), will join us as an expert commentator, and share with us his professional insights into the significance of this collection. Professor Yokoyama is a research fellow at the Ryusaku Tsunoda Center for Japanese Culture, Research Institute for Letters and Sciences, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

April 2, 2018

Treasures at UH Hamilton Library: Incurable Perfectionist Frank Hawley

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The College of Arts & Humanities and Thomas Haley Hamilton Library have been hosting a colloquium series. In April 2018, the Okinawa Studies Librarian will shed light on one of the Library’s treasures–the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection–in Asia Department.

Fransk Hawley: The Incurable Perfectionist

The Library’s Asia Collection is home to world-renowned Okinawa materials held in the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection. Part of the collection is Frank Hawley’s personal library, focusing on the Ryukyu Kingdom and Okinawa. The other part is from the collection of Dr. Shunzo Sakamaki, a Nisei Japanese-American, who was the Dean of the Summer School at the University of Hawai’i. Sakamaki Hall was named after him.

How did Hawley build his collection? What books does the collection contain? What led Dr. Sakamaki to believe that the Hawley’s Ryukyu/Okinawa books should be part of the UH collection? This talk will address these questions while showcasing samples from this very unique collection of Hamilton Library.

Registration is not required. 

Questions? Please contact:

  • Phone: 808-956-2311
  • Email: sachiko.iwabuchi@hawaii.edu

March 5, 2018

Ms. Etsuko Teruyama’s Passing

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Professor Manabu Yokoyama (横山學), a Frank Hawley scholar, notes that Ms. Etsuko Teruyama (照山越子) passed away on October 18th, 2017 (JST). Prof. Yokoyama published an article about Ms. Teruyama and her relationship with late Frank Hawley as a secretary.

Nippon Kosho Tsushin

Yokoyama M. (February 2018). Teruyama Etsuko-san no koto (= About Etsuko Teruyama / 照山越子さんのこと). Kosho Tsūshin, 1063, 6-7.


Prof. Yokoyama and Ms. Teruyama translated letters written by Jessica Hawley–Frank Hawley’s mother–and published them as an article titled “Furanku Hōrē haha (Jeshika) no shokan” (= “Letters by Jessica Hawley, the mother of Frank Hawley” / 「フランク・ホーレーの母(ジェシカ)の書簡」) in 2006.


Related resources

  • Yokoyama, M. (2017-). Furanku Hōrē kyūzō “Hōrei bunko” shiryō shūsei. Tokyo: Yumani Shobo.
  • Yokoyama, M. (2003).  Shomotsu ni miserareta Eikokujin : Furanku Hōrē to Nihon bunka. Tokyo: Yoshikawa Kobunkan, Heisei 15 (2003).

December 31, 2016

Professor Yokoyama’s talk on Frank Hawley

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Professor Manabu Yokoyama talks on Frank Hawley at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan on January 25, 2017

Professor Manabu Yokoyama (横山 學), author of the book titled Shomotsu ni miserareta Eikokujin : Furanku Hōrē to Nihon bunka / 『書物に魅せられた英国人:フランク・ホーレーと日本文化』(Yoshikawa Kōbunkan, 2003), will talk on Frank Hawley at Waseda University.

 More information is available at:


Open to the public; free; no registration is required to attend.


UH Mānoa Library and the University of the Ryukyus Library have collaborated in digitizing Mr. Frank Hawley’s collection.  Hawley Collection is part of Sakamaki/Hawley (ホーレー or 宝玲) Collection.