March 21, 2017

Free Public Screening of the film Okinawa: The afterburnin the island of Kaua’i

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Okinawa: The afterbun by Director John Junkerman comes to Hawai’i

Saturday, April 8, 2017, John Junkerman, aOscar-nominated filmmaker, comes to Hawai’i to show his film, Okinawa: The afterburn. The film depicts the Battle of Okinawa, the conditions of postwar Okinawa under the US government, and the life after Okinawa’s reversion to Japan.

Here is the details of the film screening in Kaua’i.

  • Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017
  • Time: 7 pm – 10 pm
  • Location: Keālia Farm Market (across from north end of Keālia Beach, Kapa’a)
  • Language: English 
  • Admissions Fee: FREE

Flyer of Okinawa: The afterburn film screening in Kaua'i

Below is the list of the past screenings in the mainland US.

Base Dependency and Okinawa’s Prospects: Behind the Myths: a conversation with Maedomari Hiromori, Professor of Economics and Environmental Policy at Okinawa International University with John Junkerman, Film Director. The Asia-Pacific Journal, November 15, 2016 (Volume 15, Issue 22).

PDF is available here.

About the Director, John Junkerman:

“John Junkerman is an American documentary filmmaker, living in Tokyo. His first film, “Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima,” was a portrait of Japanese atomic-bomb artists Maruki Iri and Toshi. Coproduced with John W. Dower, the film was nominated for an Academy Award and won the Grand Prize at the San Francisco International Film Festival. This was followed by a Siglo production, “Uminchu: The Old Man and the East China Sea,” which portrayed the life of an 81 year-old marlin fisherman on a small Okinawan island. Junkerman directed the Emmy award-winning “Dream Window: Reflections on the Japanese Garden,” produced by the Smithsonian. He also produced and directed “The Mississippi: River of Song,” a four-part Smithsonian series for PBS about American roots music along the Mississippi, broadcast in 1999.”


March 1, 2017

Tatsuhiro Oshiro’s Cocktail Party was made into a film

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Tatsuhiro Ōshiro’s novel titled Cocktail party (カクテル パーティー = Kakuteru pāti) was made into a film by Director Regge Life. 

Director Regge Life writes, Cocktail party “depicts the underrepresented perspectives of the Okinawan people as it provides insight into a situation of military deployment that has lasted nearly 70 years. If we can understand the complicated human relationships that have developed in Okinawa, we may be provided with a blueprint for future relations between Americans, military and civilian, and the people who live where the United States operates permanent military bases.”

The original novel is available at the UH Mānoa Library:

  • Title: Kakuteru pātī / Ōshiro Tatsuhiro. (カクテル パーティー / 大城 立裕.)
  • Author: Ōshiro, Tatsuhiro, /  (大城 立裕,)
  • Publisher: Tōkyō : Bungei Shunjū, 1967. ( 東京 : 文藝 春秋, 1967.)

A related books on his novel is Okinawa: two postwar novellas, available at the UHM Library.

The author, Mr. Tatsuhiro Ōshiro, visited the UH campus in 2011.

The Cocktail Party, a play by Oshiro Tatsuhiro


February 13, 2017

Targeted Island Kaji kataka

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Director Chie Mikami (三上 智恵) released a new documentary titled “Targeted Island Kaji kataka” (『標的の島 風かたか』). Director Mikami’s work includes,  “The Targeted Village (『標的の村』)” and “We Shall Overcome (Ikusaba nu tudumi / 戦場ぬ止み).”

flyer of film hyoteki no shima kaji kataka

“This film focused not only on Takae and Henoko, where the construction of the U.S. military base was forcibly carried out, but also on the livelihood of residents of Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island, which have been rocked by the deployment of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF). Focusing on the deep feelings of the people, who are the inheritors of island folk culture such as Angama and Pantu, the film aims to look at the base issue from a new angle.”

[Source: February 7, 2017. “Documentary film ‘Targeted Island Kaji kataka’ by director Mikami completed.” Ryukyu Shimpo. Retrieved from from]

The original Japanese newspaper article is available here.

Targeted Island Kaji kataka:

Targeted Island Kaji kataka Facebook Page:

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