June 1, 2017

New Acquisitions: Anime Himeyuri (DVD) and a Guidebook

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The UH Mānoa Library received a gift of a DVD (animation) titled Himeyuri and the Guidebook from the Himeyuri Peace Museum in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

The Okinawa Collection at the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa Library is pleased to announce that it received a gift of the following items from the Himeyuri Peace Museum in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

  • DVD titled Himeyuri (animation with English subtitles)
  • Himeyuri Peace Museum: the guidebook (English)


Image of the front cover of the DVD titled Anime Himeyuri

What is Himeyuri?

[Excerpt from the Himeyuri Peace Museum’s site]

“In April 1945 (Showa 20), when the Second World War was almost coming to a close, a fierce battle was being unleashed on Okinawa, with U.S. forces landing on the island. Male and female students at 21 secondary schools in Okinawa at the time were mobilized for the war effort and sent to the battlefield. The female students were between the ages of 15 and 19 and mainly worked as nurses in places such as the Army Field Hospital. The male students were from 14 to 19 years of age, and the upper-grade students were organized into so-called “Blood and Iron Loyalist Student Corps” (in charge of transportation of supplies, repair of bridges, etc.), while the lower-grade students were formed into the “Signal Corps” (in charge of repair of electric cables, distribution of telegraphs, etc.).”

[Source: http://www.himeyuri.or.jp/EN/intro.html]

Pictures of the Himeyuri Butai

These donated materials will be available for checkout once they are processed.