June 21st, 2012

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A Case Study Of Sand Dispersion For Beach Nourishment Ying-feng Chung, Jan-Ming Lia and Tai-Wen Hsu
A Methodology To Reconstruct The Aspects Of The Recent Environmental History Of A Coastal Zone Hans von Storch
A Numerical Simulation Of Hops Transport With A Sorption-Desorption Kinematic Model Bang-Fuh Chen and Yu-Jen Lin
A Preliminary Study On Air-Lift Artificial Upwelling Induced By Air-Bubble Screen Nai-Kuang Liang and Hai-Kuen Peng
A Study About The Development Of Waterside Promenade In China Ye-Teh Lin and Akio Kuroyanagi
A Study Of Phytoplankton Dynamics And Risk Of Hab In Norwegian Arctic (Svalbard) Waters K.C. Ho, Y.K. Wong, Ironside Lam and I.J. Hodgkiss
A Study On Existing Life And Environmental Problem In Deep Flood Zone Of Mekong Delta In Vietnam-Analysis Of Existing Concerned Area By Questionnaire Survey Han Duc Viet, Kenji Hotta and Okamoto Kyoichi
A Study On The Effect Of Urban Districts In Harbor Areas Of Osaka Bay Coastal Zone Masayuki Suga, Takamasa Miyazaki and Kiminori Nakazawa
A Study On Weight Of Breakwater Armor Unit Dong Hoon Yoo
Acoustic Point-Source Reflection From A Seabed With A Non-Uniform Fluid-Like Sediment Layer Jin-Yuan Liu, Chung-Ray Chu and Yung-Hong Wu
Advances Of Synthetic Aperture Sonar Study In China Qihu Li, Chunhua Zhang and Jingsong Tan
Analysis Of Surface Waves Propagating Over Sinusoidal Topography Yang-Yih Chen and Chia-yan Cheng
Application Of Grey System To The Prediction Of Fishery Production Of Taiwan Sun-chio Fong
Aquatic Resource Enhancement Technology As Underwater Forest By Use Of Ocean Fertilizer Kyoichi Okamoto and Kenji Hotta


Basic Study On The Safety Management In Marine Environmental Education Daisuke Ishino, Takeo Kondo, Kazukiyo Yamamoto, Hideaki Kanke and Satoshi Hirata
Beach Litter Sampling: A Comparison Of Different Methods Murray Cullen
Bioreactor Monitoring And Control: Innovative Tools Applied To Classic Fermentation And Photobioreactors Jian Li and Michael Cooney
Blocking Of Waves At Inlets Due To Current Hyoseob Kim
Borehole Seismic Observatory Plan Using Rov “Benkei” Masanori Kyo and Eigo Miyazaki


Can Combined Changes In Salinity And Dietary Carbohydrate Content Modulate Indices Of Growth In Sea Bream? Eddie E. Deane and Norman Y. S. Woo
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration By Microalgae: Prospects For Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Mark E. Huntley and Miguel Olaizola
Case Study Of Discards Problems Of Stationary Trap Net Takeshi Yamane
Catch Diversity Of Stationary Trap Net Takeshi Yamane
Challenges Identifying Fisheries From Fishing Gear Removed In The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Molly Timmers and Mary Donohue
Changes Of Hydrodynamics Due To The Development Of The Kwangyang Bay, South Coast Of Korea Cha-kyum Kim, Jae Chul Lee and Young Jae Ro
Clean-Up Of Oil Spills On Sandy Beach By Landfarming And Bioaugmentation Techniques Lei Yang and Chung-Lin Yo
Cloning And Characterization Of Rab Proteins In The Aiptasia-Symbiodinium Endosymbiosis Ming-Chyuan Chen and Lee-Shing Fang
Compuspawn–Digitized Fish Breeding S.-M. Hsiao, J.-L. Hsu, H.-C. Liu, J.-C. Su and J.-K. Ho
Conservation Approaches Of Coral Reefs In Taiwan Keryea Soong
Conservation Of The Spratley Islands: Issues And Strategies Wen-Yan Chiau


Damage Inspection On The Sheet Pile Wharves Hsien Hua Lee, P.-Y. Chung, T.-H. Yu and Y.-F. Chung
Deep Ocean Water Application Facility Proposed For The Island Of Oahu By The Honolulu Board Of Water Supply George Kuo
Deep Ocean Water Applications At The Natural Energy Laboratory Of Hawaii Authority Thomas H. Daniel
Development Of Floating Farm On The Sea Hiroaki Eto, Yasutaka Saito, Osamu Saijo, Tomoko Abe, Shigeo Yoshida, Hanae Abe and Sachiko Manzai
Development Of Interferometric Side Scan Sonar Mounted On Auv Hisashi Koyama and Akira Asada
Distribution And Classification Of Cobalt-Rich Crust From The Magellan Seamounts Liang Dehua and Zhu Benduo
Distribution And Seismic Characteristics Of Gas Hydrates Offshore Southwest Taiwan Char-Shine Liu, Guer-Chung Chen, Philippe Schnurle and Ta-Heng Hsiuan
Distribution And Source Recognition Of Pahs In Sediments Of Hsin-Ta Harbor Areas, Taiwan Meng-Der Fang, Chon-Lin Lee, Chia-Shun Yu and Wan-Ching Nung
Distribution Of Dinoflagellate Cysts In Hong Kong Waters And Its Implications To Hab Y. K. Wong and K.C. Ho
Draft Effect Of Wave Energy Absorbing Device To Hydroelastic Behavior Of Vlfs Tomoki Ikoma, Koichi Masuda, Hisaaki Maeda, Mamoru Arita and Chang-Kyu Rheem


Effectiveness Of Special Area Management As A Tool For Integrated Coastal Resources Management B.H.J. Premathilake
Efficient Bunkering Management In Kaohsiung Port By The Integrated Modeling Approach Yang-Chi Chang and Chin-Chuan Chen
El Niño In 2002~2003 Vs Rainfall In Taiwan Kuang-Lung Fan, Kuo-Lung Lin and Yu-Yao Chang
Empirical Modeling Of Maritime Radio Propagation John An and C.H. Chou
Enso Impact On The Sea Level Characteristics: Case Study In Java Sea Ibnu Sofian and Katsutoshi Kozai
Environmental Impact Of Redevelopment Of Port Of Keelung Ho-Shong Hou and Kuo-Quan Chenx
Establishment Of Universal Design Of Working Environments Of The Fishery Nobutaka Kato, Takeo Kondo, Kazukiyo Yamamoto and Masaharu Kimoto
Evaluation Of Dredging-Induced Turbidity By Vessel-Mounted Adcp Monitoring Jae-Youll Jin, Won Oh Song, Jin Soon Park, Ki Dai Yum and Kwang Soo Lee
Experiment Of Nitrox Saturation Diving With Helium Nitrogen And Oxygen Zhong-yuan Shi, Shi-ming Li and Guang-hui Dai


Formative Process And Complexity Of Image Structure In Coastal Settlements By Local Residents Hironori Negoro and Hirotomo Ouchi
Fresh Water Influences In A Tropical Lagoon H.C. Yu, C.N. Chen and Jason C.S. Yu


Gh, Igf-I And Hsp70 As Regulators Of Cytoprotection And Apoptosis In Seabream Norman Y.S. Woo and Eddie E. Deane
Groundwater Management In Coastal Area Of Taiwan C.H. Song, J.S. Hwang, H.H. Hwung and W.S. Chu


Harbor Oscillation Of The Keelung Port Ho-Shong Hou and David S.K. Liu
Harmonic Generation By Surface Waves Over Submerged Obstacles Ming-Chung Lin, Chao-LungTing, Chi-Tsang Lin and Wei-Chun Hu
High Seas Driftnet Detection In The North Pacific Using Remote Sensing Technologies Tim Veenstra, James Churnside, Bill Pichel and Dave Foley
Hydrodynamic Effects Of Breaking And Overtopping Waves On Floating Structure Akio Kobayashi, Koichi Masuda, Tomoki Ikoma, Ryou Obara and Yuki Yamaguchi


Increasing Trends Of N:P Ratio In China’s Inshore Waters And Implications To Hab Jiansheng Lian, K.C. Ho, Zhaoding Wang and Guifeng Wei
Influence Of Step Dike Surface To Wave Overtopping Jea-Tzyy Juang, Chao-Fu Lin and Wen-Lan Lin
Integrated Water Quality Assessment Of The Brantas Estuary, Indonesia – Measurements And Modeling – F. Schroeder, H.-D. Knauth, K. Pfeiffer, I. Nöhren, K. Duwe, T. Jennerjahn, S. Adi, D. Agus and V. Ittekkot
Investigation On The Bioactive Secondary Metabolites From Soft Corals Of Taiwan Waters Jyh-Horng Sheu


Land Subsidence Prevention In Coastal Area Of Taiwan C.F. Ding, C.H. Sung, H.H. Hwung and J.W. Ho
Living On The Edge Of The Ocean (Leo) S.-M.Hsiao and Jin Chung
Locating Aircraft Debris On The Seabed By Using The Multibeam Echo Sounder Shiahn-wern Shyue and Kuang-che Yang


Maintenance Of Ships And Equipment In The Applications Of Ism Code In Marine And Process Of Certification Lütfi YEÞÝLBAÐ and Mahmut Turhan
Mapping Surface Current In The Western Equatorial Pacific Ocean Using Multi-Satellite Sensors Katsutoshi Kozai
Marine Experience Tourism In Japan Hirofumi Sorimachi, Takeo Kondo, Kazukiyo Yamamoto, Kenji Tsuruta, Masanori Iwaki and Hideki Takahashi
Marine Macroalgal Diversity In The Kenting National Park, Southern Taiwan Showe-Mei Lin
Method To Promote Proper Clusters In Land Use Of Metropolitan Coastal Areas Sumiko Yokobori, Takamasa Miyazaki and Kiminori Nakazawa
Methodology For Preventing Siltation Of A Fishing Harbor John R-C. Hsu
Modeling Of The Interactions Between The Kaohsiung Harbor And Coastal Currents Shih Hong Huang, Hau Chen Yu and Jason C.S. Yu
Modeling Water Quality Control For Fish Survival In The Tidal Hsintien Stream Shin-Yi Liu, Wen-Cheng Liu, Ming-Hsi Hsu and Albert Y. Kuo
Monsoons Induced Flow Variations At The Tanshui Estuary Based On Sb-Adcp Measurements 1991-2002 YuHuai Wang, Liang-Saw Wen and Kon-Kee Liu


Natural Frequency Analysis Of A Floating Artificial Base By Simple Equation Of Added Mass Shinya Kawano, Koichi Maruyoshi, Kazuo Kamekawa and Osamu Saijo
Nonlinear Internal Waves In The South China Sea Antony K. Liu and Ming-Kuang Hsu
Numerical Simulation Wave Groups Modulation On A Sloping Beach Hung-Chu Hsu, Hwung-Hweng Hwung and Yang-Yih Chen


On Mooring Systems Of Floating Breakwater Hung-Jei Tang
On Possibilities For Hydrocarbon Deposits Formation Over The Ocean Floor Anatoly Dmitrievsky, Inna Balanyuk, Ludmila Dangaruyan and Vladimir Matveenkov
On The Characteristics Of Green Open Spaces Of Tokyo Bay Coastal Areas Yukiko Takaoka, Takamasa Miyazaki, Tsunekazu Arai, Kiminori Nakazawa and Musaku Miyazaki
On The Fish Species Separation Fishery In Coastal Small-Scale Trawl Yoshio Hirai and Hideyuki Nishinokubi


Pahs In Six Species Of Macrofauna In Mangrove Wetland In Jiulong Estuary, China Lizhe Cai, Li Ma, Dongxing Yuan, Jun Zhang, Wenjiao Zheng, Yang Gao and Zhiqiang Lu
Performance Of Cwb/Nww3 Wind Wave Model In A Typhoon Season Yueh-jiuan G. Hsu, Fan-ju Lin and Hsuan S. Chen
Potential Of Applying Deep Ocean Water For Aquaculture In Taiwan Weu-Cheng Su and Mao-Sen Su
Progressive Wave Refractions: General Formula And On Gentle Sloping Plane Beach Yang-Yih Chen
Propagation Of A Solitary Wave Over A Submerged Flat Plate Hau-Wei Wang, Ching-Jer Huang and Jin Wu


Reducing Risk Of Terror Events At Seaports Willard T. Price
Relationship Between Individuals And Groups In Coastal Villages Kenji Yamamoto, Takamasa Miyazaki and Masaya Ohnuki
Relationship Between Typhoon Surge And Typhoon Property At Geng-Fang Tidal Station Chih-Ming Tseng, Chyan-Deng Jan and Yun-Hsiang Cheng
Representative Frequency For Sediment Transport Due To Waves Hyoseob Kim
Research Of Oil Spreading On The Ocean By Kaohsiung Area Wang Yu Chuan, Jan-Ming Lia and Tai-Wen Hsu
Resonance Induced By Edge Waves In Hua-Lien Harbor Guan-Yu Chen, Chung-Ching Chien, Ching-Ho Su and Hsiang-Mao Tseng
Response Analysis Of Floating Oceanic Architectural Building By Wind And Wave Forces Kazuo Kamekawa, Osamu Saijo and Hiroaki Eto
Review Of Tsunamis In Taiwan Kuo-Tung Chang, Ming-Kuang Hsu and Philip L.-F. Liu
Revisit Otec System Joseph Huang


Safety Of Working Environments At Fishing Ports Takashi Matsuzaka, Takeo Kondo, Kazukiyo Yamamoto, Kimiyasu Saeki, Sadamitsu Akeda, Yukio Tsubota and Nobuo Takaki
Sakura Shrimp (Sergia Lucens) Fishery Managed By Principles Of Tac And Itq Sha Miao and Tieh-Hao Chiu
Scale Effect On The Prediction Of Storm/Normal Beach Profiles Kyungmo Ahn, Sung-Mo Ahn and Robert G. Dean
Scenarios For Changing Storminess, Storm Surges And Wave Conditions In The North Sea Hans von Storch, Katja Woth, Ralf Weisse and Arnt Pfizenmayer
Sea Cage Aquaculture Of Cobia In Taiwan Mao-Sen Su, Wei-Cheng Su and Ya-Ke Hsu
Seafloor Classification Of Multibeam Sonar Data Using A Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm Xinghua Zhou, Yongqi Chen, Nick Emerson and Dewen Du
Seasonal Dynamics Of Calanus Sinicus In The Southern Part Of The Species Range Jiang Shiou Hwang and C. Kim Wong
Seasonal Variations In The Concentrations And Compositions Of Butyltin Compounds In Marine Fishes Of Taiwan C.D. Dong, C.W. Chen and L.L. Liu
Second-Order Analysis For Problems Of Wave And Structure Interactions Jaw-Fang Lee and Lih-Fu Twu
Short-Term Toxicity Test Based On Filtration Rate Of The Green Mussel Perna Viridis C. Kim Wong, Anne O. N. Wong and Chi Lok Law
Simulated Plateau Diving Experiment And Its Use In The Underwater Construction Operation Zhong-yuan Shi, Xi-wei Tang and Yan-meng Zhang
Simultaneous Mapping And Localization For An Unmanned Underwater Vehicle By Photo Mosaicking Chun-Ming Hung and Jenhwa Guo
Six Years After Nakhodka Oil Spill Accident Nobuhiro Sawano
Solution Of Boundary Inverse Stokes Problem Using Mfs And Stokeslet Che-Wei Chen, Chia-Ming Fan, Der-Liang Young and K. Murugesan
Spatial And Temporal Variability
Of Artificial Benthic Reefs
Wen-Miin Tian
Spatial And Temporal Variations Of The North Pacific Subtropical Convergence David G. Foley, Russell E. Brainard, Tim Veenstra, Mary E. Donohue
Stage-Variation In Binding Between Selected Pahs And Humic Substances Under Different Ionic Strengths Chon-Lin Lee, Li-Jung Kuo, Huei-Ling Wang and Ping-Chieh Hsieh
Study Of Progressive Waves Propagating Obliquely On A Gentle Slope Yang-Yih Chen, Bin-Da Yang, Lin-Wu Tang and Shan-Hwei Ou
Study On Holding Capacity Of Anchor For The Cage System Chai-Cheng Huang
Study On The Public Involvement Of The Coastal Management In Japan Jong-Deog Kim and Takeo Kondo
Surface-Wave Evolution On A Gentle Sloping Bottom Hung-Chu Hsu, Yang-Yih Chen and Hwung-Hweng Hwung


The Application Of Laser Particle-Size Analyzer In Sediment Dynamics Research Ray T. Hsu and James T. Liu
The Basic Study Of Access Dinghy Tomomichi Sasaki, Kazukiyo Yamamoto, Takeo Kondo and Nobuyoshi Nishii
The Characteristic Solution Of Breaking Wave On Gentle Slope Bottom Wen-Jer Tseng and Yang-Yih Chen
The Coral Reef Mesocosms In National Museum Of Marine Biology And Aquarium Tung-Yung Fan, Jan-Jung Li and Lee-Shing Fang
The Distribution Of Yellowfin Tuna Around The Fish Aggregating Devices Long-Jing Wu, Jiun-Chern Lin and Wei-Cheng Su
The Influence Of Regional Science In Local Coast To Whole Regional Science Masaaki Sakuta
The Occurrence Of Live Corals On Derelict Fishing Gear In The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Jacob M. Asher and Molly Timmers
The Potential For Photosynthetic Sequestration Of Carbon Dioxide By Microalgae Yoshihiro Shiraiwa
The Primary Seawater Compositions Analysis Of Five Major Harbors In Taiwan Chien-Ming Lo, Kuei-Ching Chen, Cheng Rau and Jeng-Long Ko
The Role Of Fishing Villages In The 21st Century Mitsuo Takezawa, Susumu Kubota, Yoshihiko Maeno, Yoshifusa Yamada and Naohiro Takahashi
The Soft Protection Countermeasure For Wai-San-Ting Barrier R.Y. Yang, J.Y. Liou, H.H. Hwung, L.A. Kuo and Y.H. Chang
The Wave Energy Absorbing Performance Of Floating Type Owc Devices With Projecting Walls Tomoki Ikoma, Koichi Masuda, Hisaaki Maeda, Mamoru Arita, Hiroyuki Osawa and Teruhisa Ogata
Tidal Current And Water Properties Near Zanpa Cape, Okinawa Island, South Japan Yasushi Kitamura, Eizo Nakaza, Seikoh Tsukayama, Kouji Tamashiro and S.M.B. Rahaman
Toward The Simulation Of Ecological System In The Danshuei River Estuary Chi-Fang Wang, Ming-Hsi Hsu, Jiang-Shiou Hwang, Jiunn-Tzong Wu, Wen-Cheng Liu and Albert Y. Kuo


Upper Limit Of Wave Friction Factor From A 1dv Model Hyoseob Kim
Use Of Overtopping For Circulation Hyoseob Kim, Suk Zun Youn, Jungmi Lee and Youngbok Jung
Using Economic Innovation For Climate Adaptation And Mitigation Wolf D. Grossmann and Lorenz Magaard


Vms Developments For Taiwan Offshore Fishery Management John An


Water Column Light Attenuation In The Danshuei River Estuary Shu-Yi Chen, Chi-Ray Wu, Ming-Hsi Hsu, Wen-Cheng Liu and Albert Y. Kuo
Water Desalination
Using Otec And Other Forms Of Renewable Energy
Clark C.K. Liu
Wave Damping Efficiency Of A Submerged Breakwater Under Oblique Wave Action Sheng-Wen Twu and Cheng-Chi Liou
Wind Induced Currents In Shallow Water Area S.M.B Rahaman, Eizo Nakaza, Seikoh Tsukayama, Yasushi Kitamura and Kouji Tamashiro
Working Conditions Of Female Designers In Southern Taiwan Yacht Industry Ya-Hui Chen and Jeng-Horng Chen


Zooplankton Abundance And Distribution In The Danshuei Estuary And Adjacent Waters Jiang-Shiou Hwang and Chih-Wei Hsieh
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