June 21st, 2012


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A Basic Study on the Construction of Weatherproof Maritime Transportation System Kenji Sasa, Masayoshi Kubo
A Comparative Study of Hydro Acoustic and Satellite-Based Mapping of Coral Reef H.M. Ibrahim, Jefri Mat Saad, K.M. Yip
A New Approach for Estimating Crown Wall Horizontal Forces Edgar Mendoza B., Gregorio Posada V., Paulo Salles A., Rodolfo Silva C.
A Numerical Model for Storm Surge Forecasting Gustavo Bautista, Juan Carlos Espinal, Rodolfo Silva, Paulo Salles
A Study on Estimation Methods of Spectrums of Long Period Waves Kenji Sasa, Masayoshi Kubo, Satoru Shiraishi, Toshihiko Nagai
A Study on Relations between Typhoons, Long Waves and Mooring Criteria Kenji Sasa, Masayoshi Kubo, Satoru Shiraishi, Toshihiko Nagai
An Institutional Approach to Marine Debris and Other Pollutants – The Pacific Environment Council Rick Steiner
Assessment of Dispersants for Cleaning Production Related Oil Spills: Gulf of Mexico Ken Trudel, Sy Ross, Randy Belore, Sharon Buffington, Gail Rainey
Assessments on Coastal Morphological Changes at Mid-East Coast Hualien, Taiwan Tai-Wen Hsu, Shan-Hwei Ou, Shiaw-Yih Tzang, Ho-Shong Hou
AUV Launch and Recovery from U.S. Navy Ships: Problems and Solutions Jim Walton


Beach Nourishment Construction at Twelve San Diego County, California Receiver Beach Sites Ronald M. Noble, Jack Bechly, Steve Sachs
Beach Nourishment Project within San Diego County Chia-Chi Lu, Ronald M. Noble, Jack Bechly, Tracy Stofferahn
Beach Stability at the Southeast Coast of Singapore N. Jothi Shankar, Weidong Sun


California’s Energy Future and Cold Ocean Water? Jack R. Davidson
Castellammare Mesa Landslides – Geotechnical Maintenance of an Unstable Retreating Sea Cliff Mark Osborne, Robert C. Hancock, Craig Kunesh


Development of a New Type of Breakwater for the Environmental Restoration Kengo Kurata, Yasunori Kozuki, Shunpei Iwamura, Hiroshi Sasayama, Hitoshi Murakami
Development of Tidal Current Simulation System Applied Geographic Information System Kyoichi Okamoto, Kenji Hotta
Dredged Material Filled Geotubes, San Antonio River Containment Island, Buenaventura Bay, Colombia Jack Fowler, Eduardo Martinez, Nicolas Ruiz, Carlos Ortiz


Establishment of Real-Time Coastal and Ocean Monitoring System in Korea K.S. Park, S.I. Kim D.Y. Lee, S.W. Kang, Jong-Kook Lee, K.C. Jun


Fishing Debris in the Arafura Sea: Seeking Its Sources and Solutions Ilse Kiessling, Nick Rayns
Four Polymer Groupins from Small Plastic Particles in Sub-Antarctic Fur- Seal Stomachs Cecilia Eriksson, Harry Burton


Geographic Information System of Mecoacan Lagoon, Tabasco, Mexico Felipe Vázquez G., Jorge Fernández E., Gustavo Enciso S., Antonio Frausto C., Ricardo Rangel B., Eduardo Aguayo
Green and Pink Abalone Outplanting Off Point Loma, California David Lapota, Gunther Rosen, Jaelyn Chock, Alex Robayo


In-Situ Burn Operational Procedures Development Exercises Ken Bitting, Michael Drieu, Jim Gynther, Robert Martin, Arlen Tidemann
Interdiscipline of Hydroperiod, Surface Topography, Vertical Accretion and Flora on Saltmarsh Ecosystem in a High-Turbidity Estuary: Changjiang Estuary Heqin Cheng, Jing Zhang, Daoji Li, Yongli Cai, Maotian Li


Laboratory Observations of Triad Interaction of Finite Depth Wind Waves Sang Ho Oh, Kyung Doug Suh, Noriaki Hashimoto
Learning: A Strategy for Capacity Building in Coastal Resources Management in Indonesia Dietriech G. Bengen, Amiruddin Tahir, Tiene Gunawan
Low Cost UUVs for Military Applications: Is the Technology Ready? Robert L. Wernli


Method for Gridded Digital Bathymetry Creating using the Depth Soundings Data Andrei G.Marchuk, Anatoly Yu.Bezhaev
Mitigation of 1998 El Niño Sea Cliff Failure, Pacifica, California Patrick O. Shires, Ted Sayre, David W. Skelly
Modeling Water Quality in Selat Kuah, Langkawi, Malaysia Hock Lye Koh, Zubir Din, Hooi Ling Lee


National Attitudinal Survey as a Tool for Defining Coastal Resources Management Policy in Indonesia Tiene Gunawan, Kun Hidayat, Ian Dutton
National Data Buoy Center: Monitoring Coastal for over Twenty-Five Years Paul Moersdorf
New Development of an Autonomous Bioluminescence Buoy (Biobuoy) for Environmental Measurements David Lapota, Stephen Lieberman, Greg Anderson
Northwest Hawaiian Island Marine Debris Terry Rice


Ocean Front Monitored by Satellite and Geophysical Hydrodynamics Shigehisa Nakamura
Oceanographic Risk from Hurricanes on the Mexican Pacific Coast Rodolfo Silva Casarin, Gabriel Díaz, Adrián Pedrozo, Paulo Salles, Berenice Aguilar
OHMSETT – The National Oil Spill Response Test Facility and Oil Spill Response Research Joseph V. Mullin
Overall Stability of Multiple Inlet Systems using the Closure Curve Approach P. Salles, R. Silva, J.C. Espinal


Pier J Breakwaters – Design and Construction the Port of Long Beach, California Russell H. Boudreau, Michael G. Ellis, Allen M. Yourman, Jr.
Precision Fishing in Tropical Waters using Remote Sensing and GIS H.M. Ibrahim, S.B. Mansor, C.K. Tan, Abdul Rashid Mohd Shariff


Rock–Locked–Pile (RLP) Retaining Walls Prevent Earthquake Damage Marc S. Caspe, Fred Chen


Sliding – Friction Isolators (SFT) Prevent EQ Damage Marc S. Caspe
St. George Harbor – Berm Breakwater Construction Case History Jeffrey F. Gilman
Siting and Design Considerations for Marine Terminals Jeffrey G. Shelden, Scott C. Butler


The Evolution of Industrial Land Use in the Ise Bay Coastal Zone Takamasa Miyazaki, Ikuo Nishino, Kiminori Nakazawa
The Historical Sand Yield from Point Mugu to Santa Monica, California Reinard T. Knur
The Minerals Management Service Supports Sustainable Development in the Pacific Keith Meekins
The Studies of the Typhoon Wave Characteristic at the Eastern Coast of Taiwan Chien-Kee Chang, Chung-Ching Chien


Underwater Platforms for Chemical Detection Barbara Fletcher


Wave Energy Conversion: The State of the Art Mirko Previsic, Misha Cornes
Wave Forces Acting on a Protected Cylindrical Impermeable Pile Georges Govaere, Rodolfo Silva Casarin, Paulo Salles
Wave Measurement by Digital Video-Photogrammetry Kalliopi Tzivanaki, Eleftherios Tournas, Rodney J. Sobey
Wave Response Study of Floating Artificial Base due to Plane Shape Variation Hiroaki Eto, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Yusuke Masumo, Miyo Nozawa, Osamu Saijo
Waveguides for Tsunami Waves Andrei G. Marchuk, Alexandr A. Shevchuk, Vasily V. Titov
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