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Welcome to the new A Semester in Hawai‘i Blog!  That’s Anita Hodges, the former Program Director, and me, Anna Womack, the current Director.

A Semester in Hawai‘i (ASH) at the University of Hawai‘i is a wonderful way to explore the world while continuing college studies.  With over 500 courses with Asian and Pacific emphasis in 46 different departments, and specialty courses in astronomy, oceanography, and environmental science, UH has an academic offering not found at many Mainland colleges.  Plus, the multi-cultural community of Honolulu in a beautiful ocean and mountain locale is a captivating and invigorating environment, wonderful for any student to experience!  For more information about the ASH program, go to www.hawaii.edu/almost.

This August we welcome 17 new students into ASH and the University of Hawai‘i.  They hail from Haverford College, Roger Williams University, Rice, University of Wisconsin, Appalachian State, American River College, among others.  Past students have visited from Brown, Connecticut College, George Washington, Mount Holyoke, Smith, the University of Colorado, and many, many other institutions across the U.S.

While living and studying in an island environment in the Pacific, mid-way between the East and the West, our incoming students are sure to encounter new things, new people, and new ideas.

Read about their adventures both in and out of the classroom as they spend a semester in paradise.

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