Orientation Fall 2010

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Orientation Fall 2010

Here are the students in our Fall 2010 program!

Sunday was Orientation Day.  After an introduction and informational meeting we took a mini tour of Oahu, visiting several sites along the east ring of the island. Pali Lookout was outrageously windy, but the expansive view of the Windward side of the island stretched out before us. The picture below was taken there — at a calm, less gusty corner of the lookout!  Next we visited Waimanalo Beach Park and waded in the turquoise water. At Sandy Beach the locals and tourists were out in full force, taking on the crashing waves with body boards. Down the road from Sandy Beach we stopped at the “Blow Hole”.  It was a little tame that day, but the beach cove below (where the romantic scene from the movie “From Here to Eternity” was filmed) was gorgeous and full of swimmers. Often honu ( big ocean turtles) swim there, too. Hanauma Bay tempted most of us with its blue water, coral reefs and snorkeling. One student said, “It just keeps getting more beautiful.”

Our professional driver/tour guide had enough facts, trivia, quizzes, stories, and jokes to last the entire afternoon. I think he would qualify for a night job as an entertainer in Waikiki if it didn’t enjoy the tour guide gig so much.

Classes began yesterday, and the campus is hopping. Today it was good to meet another ASH student, Daniel Mehrez, who stopped by the office. He missed orientation due to a summer trip to Norway. His adventures in Hawaii this Fall will provide different scenery and require a different wardrobe, but they will be just as spectacular. Welcome, Dan!

Back Row:  Alex Collins, Keith Doucot, Jarvis Sam, Drew Koehler, Isaac Ellman, Maida Besic, Rudy Lamy, Maya Barlev

Front Row:  Daren Swenson, Kenny Ermann, Paddy Shumaker, Maggie Rogge, Julia Simpson, Daniela Guzman

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