Pillbox Hiki In Lanikai!!

Hey guys this is my first time posting! I just wanted to tell everyone that they should definitely do the Pillbox hike in Lanikai, it is gorgeous and it didn’t take that long.  At the top you have a beautiful view of lanikai beach and the two magic islands :). Also at the top are old world war 2 bunkers that are pretty neat!

Me on top of the bunker :)

I went this past sunday and after the hike I got a guacomole, bacon and cheeseburger from Teddy’s and a smoothie from Jamba Juice! After that I went to the Lanikai beach and layed out for a little, however, it started to rain s I had to head back home 🙂
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  1. Emmie says:

    Are you kidding me! I was checking out the Pillbox with a friend and you’re picture was one of the first ones on Google search! LOL 🙂 Hope all is well girl xoxox

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