Spring 2011 Orientation

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Spring 2011 Orientation

Small, but cozy!  That’s how I’ll describe this semester’s ASH group.  We have 7 students enrolled in the program, which is the perfect size to get close and share some great times.

Back Row: Destiny Magee, Jordan Serra, Tim Rounds, Whitney Grathwohl Front Row: Nikki Walsh, Britanny Klein

Two students hail from Pennsylvania, while the others come from New Jersey, Rhode Island, Iowa and Missouri. 75˚ in January is surely an anomaly for this crowd.  Our 7th student is an Oahu resident, home for a while from Boston University.

On Sunday as part of our orientation we took a tour of the island of O’ahu with “Cousin Paul” as our leader and driver.  I brought snacks to share.  Cousin Paul enjoyed the Li Hing Mui Mango the most, but some of the others were into it as well!  I wouldn’t say the mochi and rice cracker with seaweed were a hit, but pretty much everybody was adventurous enough to try them.

Well, I know, island tours aren’t really about the snacks!  We also fed ourselves on beautiful sights.  I can’t believe how green and lush everything is from all the winter rain.  Even Koko Crater was completely green except for a long straight trail running up to the top, peppered with hikers.  The Pali Lookout was calm and still this time, without any wind what so ever.  In the fall we could barely walk against the force of the gale caught within the mountain ranges.

Tim, Jordan, and Destiny

Waimanalo Beach with its 12 million dollar houses dotting the coast was lovely.  Families were playing in the water and a photo shoot with a fashion model was finishing up in the afternoon sun.  We snapped photos and let the waves lap around our feet and legs.  Jordan’s shoes almost washed away but were saved in time. No big worry though; replacement slippers are cheap here!

Stay tuned for more posts.  I’m looking forward to interviewing everybody for the Student Spotlight series.  And if we’re lucky, everyone will post something about their experience here at UH.

New friends at Waimanalo Beach


Kenny Ermann

January 11, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Im very jealous…


February 10, 2011 at 8:08 pm

Looks like you have a great group this semester Anna, they’re in for an amazing experience!

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