Whales and Cupcakes

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Whales and Cupcakes

Yesterday’s Diamond Head Hike was on Martin Luther King Day, and the trail was awfully busy with eager hikers.  At the summit, we had to negotiate around the crowd to take pictures.   But it was worth the trouble!  The crater and mountains were completely green from all the rain, and the ocean color ranged from aqua close to shore, to violet beyond the reef, to deep blue towards the horizon.  On one side the city sprawled out along the coast and up onto the ridges of the mountains.  We picked out famous hotels, dorms, fancy houses and other sites among the clusters of buildings.  I have been to the top of Diamond Head at least 50 times but always marvel at the views!

View of the Gold Coast near Waikiki

On this trip there was much excitement as the crowd spotted whales breaching and spouting water from their blowholes!  Beyond the lighthouse they swam, enjoying the warm waters of Hawai‘i.  (In the winter whales vacation in Hawai‘i and then return to Alaska in the spring.)  I couldn’t get a picture but hope Tim got it all on his video camera.  Just as quickly as they appeared, the whales swam off, on to other playgrounds.

Whale watching

After descending, we sat on the grass to eat oranges and popsicles.  And since it was Tim’s 21st birthday, I made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  We talked about travelling the world, skydiving, and bungee jumping, and even waxed philosophical for a while.   There’s a lot to do and see this semester!

In the distance, Koko Crater and Koko Head

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