Hike with the best view-Hawai’i’s Forbidden Trail-Ha’iku Stairs

3,922 Stairs to climb

Just wanted to share with you a great hike while you are in Hawai’i and it being forbidden adds to the excitement. Steep climbs, breath taking views, and the thrill of embarking on a risky adventure. This amazing and exhilarating hike is known by many names, such as, the Ha’iku Valley Ladder, Ha’iku Stairs, and most commonly Stairway to Heaven. It is by far my favorite hike in Oahu. If you’re interested in this hike here’s more information.

About Maida

I am originally from Bosnia and grew up in Michigan. I have a passion for different cultures and love learning about them and exploring new places. I fell in love with Hawa'ii when I participated in the Semester in Hawai'i program.
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