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i’m from california. a very, veeerryy diverse place. and the funny thing is, i’ve tried more different foods here in hawai’i then i have in california. it’s kinda funny, and weird, and delicious. =]

me and my three friends (maida’s the one in the picture!) decided to go to this egyptian restaurant (WHAAAAATT?! egyptian?!) which i had never tried before, so i was stoked. we walk in and to our shock, it’s sort of a fancy place..and we were coming from the beach, so we were faaaaar from fancy. it was kinda funny seeing us walking to our table with our heads low hoping no one would see us, ahhaha. anyways, so we ordered our food and waited in excitement because..they were going to have a BELLY DANCING performance! our food arrived and we all died and went to heaven! it was sooooooo gooodd! i can’t remember exactly what i got, i think it’s lamb and humus with a delicious salad..hmm..not sure, but i DEFINITELY recommend this place! it’s near campus but i don’t know the exact directions. the place is called pyramids, if i’m not mistaken and it’s a little pricey ($25) but WELL worth it! =] plus, the performance was very entertaining!


it’s kind of hard to see exactly what this is but it’s called a pastel, i believe. it’s brazilian food that we happen to randomly find on an adventure in waimea and haleiwa, north shore. i happen to go a couple weeks ago to where the food truck is located but it wasn’t there =( i’m not sure what happened to it, if the owners are still in business or what is going on but i hope they return! they were located next to a safeway out there. this stuff is soooo yummy, it’s like a hot pocket but better! it’s stuffed with your choice of chicken, cheese, and/or vegetables and then it’s fried! not expensive at all and the owners are super friendly!


i haaaaad to try grits with shrimp and cheese at this soul food place that is near campus! it was like, $12..? soo good! i went with my friend rob who got fried chicken with cornbread and collard greens! seriously, try it! i loved it! =]



ohhhhh maaaaaan. on this day, i learned that there is nothing better than home-made PUERTO RICAN food! my friend Giovanna’s parents were visiting and she asked them to broaden our horizons with this delicious meal! words cannot describe how amazzzzing this dish was!


aaand of course, the HAWAIIAN food is a MUST here! me and my cousin went to the luau at PCC (polynesian cultural center) and this is what was served! i personally am in love with hawaiian food! it’s just tooooo good! i highly recommend this as well! my favorite is the chicken long rice! mmm yummy!





aaanndddd lastly, the most diverse and unknown food of all..                               =]

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