HAWAII 5iveeeee ohhhhh. oh yeah.

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HAWAII 5iveeeee ohhhhh. oh yeah.

Category : Student Spotlight

i heard there was sunset on the beach, HAWAIIFIVE-OHHH style aaannd, since jin, or daniel dae kim, who’s in LOST (best show EVER!), is also in hawaii five-O, i decided to go cuz, it sounded cool! so this is the big screen from where i was sitting..


i actually scooted my way next to that lady in yellow. =] i had to. there was noo way i was gonna miss an opportunity to see JINNN up close and possssibly get an autograph or picture (my fingers were crossed the whole time!). so yeah, it’s one of the amazing things you get to do if you wanna spend a semester abroad in pardissseeeee..


in the end, no autograph or picture BUUUUTTTTTTT, amazing experience..in hawai’i..on a beautiful day..on a beautiful beach. life here is beautiful.

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