Why Hawaii, You Ask?

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Why Hawaii, You Ask?

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Heyy-o.  Katie here, a sophomore from University of Illinois and current student of the ASH program (which is said like the word “ash”, although I have always called it the A-S-H program…).  Anyway, I won’t go on telling you my life story or any other nonsense that doesn’t have to do with Hawaii, because that’s not why you’re here reading this post in the first place.

The best part about being on the island is taking advantage of all the opportunities Hawaii has to offer.  In any town you can go shopping, golfing, and out to eat at expensive restaurants.  Some places have beaches, others have mountains, but they are few and far between.

Here in Hawaii, you get gorgeous beaches (you can even choose your preference of waves, from none at all at Ala Moana beach, or violent, hefty waves at Sandy’s).  Hawaii also has mountains to hike, cliffs to jump off of, bays to snorkel, and giant trees to climb.  The best part is that you get all of this in the same area, so you could do hike, swim, and jump all in one day!

Hawaii is also a very cultural place.  It seems like more of a melting pot than the rest of the continental U.S. is!  There are restaurants from so many ethnicities.  You can eat out for a week and try food from a different place in the world every night.  Most of these restaurants are little dives and fairly inexpensive.  Anna, our program director here, can give you a list of cheap eats that you should definitely take advantage of.

The Hawaiian culture is also a fascinating subject.  If you study here at UHM, I would definitely recommend taking a Hawaiian Studies class.  I’m taking HAW100 and learning so much that I never learned in any of my history classes back home.

So while you’re here (when you decide to come) try everything at least once.  Keep an open mind and the possibilities will be endless.  There’s so much to see and explore on the island you may have to stay and extra semester (or two or three…)

While I’m blogging here, I figured I’d advertise my blog of my semester in Hawaii.  It has every adventure I have done thus far, and I still have a lot to do and blog about!  The content is mostly for my family and friends back home to check in and see what I’ve been doing, but you’ll get a good idea of the amazing adventures I’ve had on the island.  Warning: the blog is rated a solid PG13.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out!


And here’s a neat picture (because everybody loves pictures):

That's me jumping off a 40-foot cliff at Maunawili Falls



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