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I’m Kelsey! I’m a junior from Haverford College in PA and a geology major. I came to Hawaii for the same reasons that many people come here: 1. Uhm, hello, ITS HAWAII. 2. Beaches and sun and waves and fish and palm trees and mountains to hike… 3. I wanted exposure to a new academic environment, and classes that weren’t offered at my home school (in my case, this meant getting to be a part of the strong UHM Geology and Geophysics department) 4. I wanted a new culture, but one that was still in the United States and 5. Well, its Hawaii. And let me tell you, its pretty fantastic.

Its already halfway through month 3, and I’m only 5 weeks away from the end of my  semester in Hawaii. The time has gone by ridiculously quickly, and every single day is an adventure. Every single day. (Which sounds exhausting, but its nothing but exhilarating)

Hawaii is a place unlike any other– and you hear that all the time, its super cliche, but I swear, its different. The culture here is completely different, and I’m not just talking about how my garbage man has long blonde dreds, oakleys and drives his truck without a shirt on. I’m talking about a real mix of cultures, east and west on one little island. I love being surrounded by so many languages, so many new foods, so many new ideas, and so much history. And yes, it is just as laid back as they say island life is. And then some. Its called ‘Hawaii Time.’

Thus far my adventures have included hiking, cliff jumping, beach going, moped exploring, snorkeling, spear fishing and that’s not even half of it. Hawaii is a blast, the island is an adventure waiting to happen, you just have to manage your time so that you get your schoolwork done, get off campus and explore!

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