Student Spotlight VIII: Crystal Richardson and Annie Ross

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Student Spotlight VIII: Crystal Richardson and Annie Ross

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Crystal and Annie come to Hawai‘i from the University of California Santa Cruz.  They are good friends who share a passion for dance, whimsy and fantasy. Both are on the quiet side, but their inner lives are as colorful as their costumes (read and look below). Even though much in their future has yet to be decided, it is sure to be rich with creative and imaginative endeavors!

Annie and Crystal

Favorite UH Class

Crystal: Drawing Class, but I’m also enjoying Astronomy and Oceanography.

Annie: Beverage Crops (taste-testing is part of the class), but my Zoology course has the most entertaining professor, and my math classes are wonderfully challenging.

Favorite Form of Social Media

Crystal: Facebook!

Annie: I prefer meeting people face-to-face.

Favorite Hawaiian Tradition

Annie: Hula. We’re both taking a hula class this semester. Last year I studied Tango and I’ve also taken Belly Dancing.

Crystal: Hula and Hawaiian music.  At first the hula class was easy and very relaxing, but now the teacher is going faster and faster! I’m also a ballet dancer.

Favorite Local Food

Both:  Pineapple!

Fun fact #1

At Halloween when they went buy pumpkins for jack-o’-lanterns, the stores were sold out.  So, Crystal carved a pineapple and Annie carved a watermelon.

Top accomplishment

Annie: In high school I wrote, directed, costumed, choreographed and filmed a full-length musical parody of The Princess Bride. I’ve always loved that movie!

(This was a 2-year, self-directed intensive project that prompted Annie to explore college as a film major. She said people asked her why she would make a parody of a parody, but the project was her way to pay homage to something that brought her so much pleasure and a way to explore her creative side. She has since become a Math major but is thinking of pairing math with computer science or 3D modeling.

Crystal: I can’t think of anything as my top accomplishment. But my dream has always been to become a mermaid, and here in Hawai‘i, I did! (See below.) My favorite movie of all time is The Little Mermaid.

(Crystal is majoring in the extremely competitive field of architecture. In high school she won first place in the Santa Barbara County Architecture Competition.)

Dream Job

Crystal:  I want to become an Imagineer, which is a team member of the creative force behind Walt Disney attractions.

Annie:  To work for Google.

Fun Fact # 2

Annie and Crystal have not lost the young girl’s dream of dressing up! They collect princess dresses, often from 2ndhand stores, and document their fun with photographs. After making plans to attend ASH in Hawai‘i, they decided to appropriate mermaid costumes to compliment their new Pacific Ocean locale. In fact, Annie sewed her own costume! What an original way to enjoy Hawai‘i!!

Mermaid Crystal

Mermaid Annie

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