Unreal Hawaii

A Semester in Hawai‘i is full of adventure in both academics and recreation. Where else can you hear a lecture on Bioaccumulation of microalgal neurotoxins in aquatic food webs, attend a Javanese and Balinese Gamelan concert, and swim and snorkel in the blue waters of Waimanalo Beach? Here at A Semester in Hawaii at UHM, students study for their degree, discover new cultures, and play on a beautiful island paradise. As photo blogger David Chatsuthiphan says about Hawaii, “this place is unreal.” Check out his blog for breathtaking photos of hikes, beaches, climbing places, and other activities on the islands. And check out the UH Manoa website for events on campus.




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  1. I’d love to visit Hawaii.
    It seems to be heaven on earth.

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