Welcome to Fall Semester 2012

Aloha from A Semester in Hawai‘i! This semester we have a small but active group, studying theatre, neuroscience, math and statistics, journalism, and Hawaiian culture. Before the first week of the semester was even complete, the students were out and about, taking surf lessons, playing golf, hiking, and island hopping to Kauai. There is way too much to do in a few short months, so these students are getting on it right away.

Overlooking Diamond Head Crater

Check back soon for this semester’s student spotlights, submissions to our photo blog, and updates on UHM events.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Fall Semester 2012

  1. Ah, Diamond Head, that’s a nice one. Did you climb the Stairway to Heaven (if I remember correctly)? I really loved that one. Always thinking that you’re about to reach the top, there’s aaalways more to go :).

  2. Great landscape behind you, so lucky 🙂

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