Student Spotlight: Josh Rosenbloom

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Student Spotlight: Josh Rosenbloom

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A Semester …of Golf?

ASH student Josh Rosenbloom traded the cold winter of Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University for a semester of warm, breezy days in Hawai‘i. Sure, there is lots to do here and lots of cultural diversity to experience, but let’s face it; the main reason Josh made the trip was to golf. An avid scratch golfer with shockingly few years of golf experience behind him, Josh is touring the island with clubs in hand, shooting and putting on courses fronting the ocean, nestled in the lush jungles, or housed on Disney’s newest resort. Take a look at our interview and see what else motivates Josh.

Josh Rosenbloom on Diamond Head

Hometown: Queens in New York City

Favorite form of social media: Texting: it’s a formulated response in your own personal character.

What’s on your iPod: I like hip hop and rap, but mainly I listen to the podcasts The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons and the Adam Carolla Show.

What one word would you use to describe yourself: How about a phrase. I have my own personal style.

What one word would your friends use to describe you: Hmmmm. Clever?

Top accomplishment: The first time I shot under par – in July of 2012.

Travel experience: I took a gap year after high school and lived in Israel, studying Jewish Law and traveling across the country. I really enjoyed the Jewish environment and learned a lot.

Fun Fact about you: I’m sure there is one.

Greatest Vice: Procrastination. It takes me forever to do something. Another vice is waking up late.

Favorite TV show: Suits and Bachelor Pad

Favorite thing about Hawai‘i: Hawai‘i has such a friendly atmosphere, and no one is in a rush.

Favorite place in Hawai‘i: The Ko‘olau golf course. Parts of the course are in the jungle.

Favorite Local food: Ahi sashimi. (Editor’s note: this is Japanese style raw tuna.)

Favorite restaurant in Hawai‘i: Da Falafel King and most sushi places. (Ed. note: the owner of Da Falafel King is a former UH 

The most famous person I’ve met: Mark Zuckerburg

If a movie were made about me, I’d want this actor to play me: (Ed. note: 1.5 minutes later Josh answers.) Justin Timberlake?

The reality show I’d go on: Bachelor Pad

If I’m cooking, we’re having: Grilled cheese

Dream Job: Professional Golfer

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