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Spring Semester 2013 – Welcome Students!

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This posting is long overdue, but I am very happy to welcome the Spring Semester 2013 ASH students to the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa.

Our students come from Maine, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio and Utah. They will certainly miss lots of snow over the next few months but enjoy lots of sunshine.

Here is the crew:

Back row: Tim, AJ, Alyssa C., Cara, Alyssa B., Alexis, Claire, Maria. Front row: Brittany, Julia, Lauren.

Back row: Tim, AJ, Alyssa C., Cara, Alyssa B., Alexis, Claire, Maria. Front row: Brittany, Julia, Lauren.

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Photo Contest – Fall 2012

Category : Student Spotlight

Here are the results of our ASH student Photo Contest for Fall Semester 2012. Included are a few comments from our judge, Jon, assistant web designer in the Chancellor’s office. Thanks to everybody who sent in entries and to Jon for taking the time to review the photos!



5th Place – Photo by Paige 

Biking – Great shot that has an editorial feel. I love the events that Paige shot with her camera, but this one in particular stood out to me for the color — I really liked the lighting behind the night/early morning bike shot, it gives motion to the picture even when they are standing still.





4th Place – Photo by Josh

Aerial shot – Great shot of the makapuu lighthouse. Definitely something that someone would use while creating a brochure about oahu.




3rd Place – Photo by Paige

Kokohead – Great photo of this StairMaster of a hike. Loved the depth of field that paige provided with the centered staircase, and really just the way she positioned herself to capture the shot, to not only show how far up she is, how many steps you have to dread, but that the view is worth it once you hit the top.




2nd Place – Photo by Rachel

Landscape – Loved the texture she has with the rocks, there’s something about the contrast between the dark rocks and the bright sky that makes the photo for me.




1st Place – Photo by Caitlin

Driving – This happened to be my favorite amongst the bunch. I liked it because it just shows how blessed we are to live in hawaii. The fact that we don’t have to long drive to get a view like this, and with world-renowned beaches and breathtaking views just minutes away. It surely is great to reside in such a place as this.