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Makapu‘u Lighthouse and Tide pools

Category : Student Spotlight

Our incoming ASH students for Fall Semester 2013 will be arriving soon, ready to begin classes and explore the island. Here’s a posting for them and for anyone else who might be considering coming to UHM through the ASH program.

Looking for something to do on the weekend? Try the hike up to the Makapu‘u Lighthouse. The walk is not too long and goes along paved road, and the views at the top are stunning! Watch the waves tumble on Makapu‘u Beach below, gaze out to Rabbit Island and the pristine shoreline of Waimanalo Beach, and follow the paragliders as they soar through the sky with colorful wings.MakapuuLH.small

From Makapuu

Along the trail is an informational sign on whales from the Alaskan waters that come to Hawaii every March. At this sign is the steep, rocky trail down to a set of tide pools. Be careful here because the footing can be tricky! The tide pools are wonderful for swimming, and the waves crashing on the surrounding rocks are hypnotic.Makapuu Tidepools

Tidepools at Makapuu

Go with friends and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean, breath in the fresh, salty air, and soak up the rays of the sun. It’s worth every step!