Fall Semester 2013 Media Contest

The results of the Fall Semester 2013 Media Contest are in! This time we left the contest open-ended, meaning video, stories, pictures, text, and anything else that falls in the category of web-worthy would be accepted. Hence the name “Media” Contest. We didn’t get any videos of big wave surfing on the North Shore, fabulous hula, or green flashes during sunsets, but we did get some wonderful photos submitted by two students, Emily Appleton and Sarah Hackshaw.

Enjoy the pictures and think about joining us soon for a study away in Hawai‘i.

Sara on the Sailboat

Sara on the Sailboat

Winning Photo by Emily Appleton

“Sailing on the Makani charter. Sara found herself a job working on the boat. Not getting paid but the hours she works will go towards her captain’s license if she chooses to pursue it at some point!  Took the picture at sunset on friday, they do about a 3 hour sail that finishes off with the friday night fireworks on Waikiki beach.”

Hiking Kahana Bay

Hiking Kahana Bay

Runner Up Photo taken by Sara Freshley, submitted by Emily Appleton

“Photo credit to Sara Freshley from our Kahana Bay hike. Wouldnt recommend the hike to novice hikers! we were unprepared to say the least and found ourselves in some sticky situations. good teamwork saw us safely to the ground.”

Here are the other entries.

Shaka on the beach

photo 1


Handstand on the beach

On the Manoa Falls Hike

photo 2

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