Waiting for Spring Semester 2014

January in Hawaii can’t come sooner for this semester’s ASH students! They are flying in from some of the coldest places in the US, having endured this past week’s polar vortex! Students  hail from Bates, Ithaca, and Vassar Colleges in the North East, DePauw and U. of Wisconsin in the Mid-West, and Virginia Tech and U. of Arkansas in the South. We even have a student attending from the U. of Copenhagen in Denmark. Warmer weather, sunshine, and exciting new adventures await all of them!

It’s actually winter time here in Honolulu as well, as temperatures dropped down to 75 degrees. Snow actually covered the mountains on the Big Island earlier this winter. For some striking pictures of snow atop Mauna Kea, click here.

Now I’ll jump on the “Throwback Thursday” bandwagon and post a picture from the ASH photo library. Enjoy and come visit soon!





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