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Student Spotlight: Two Mid-Westerners Fly Out of the Polar Vortex and Dive Into the Waves of the Pacific Ocean

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Get to know Samantha Mathes, a biology major from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and Erin Walsworth, an environmental geoscience major from DePauw University.

Cara, Sam, Rachel, and Erin at Sunset Beach

Cara, Sam, Rachel, and Erin at Sunset Beach

Favorite UH Class
Sam: “Cell and Molecular Biology”. I like this class because it’s interactive, not just lecture after lecture.
Erin: “Geoethics”. This class covers the both the geology and the ethics of geological hazards.

Favorite Form of Social Media
Sam: Twitter and Snapchat. My friends back home hate me because I keep posting pictures from the beach.
Erin: I’m not that great at social media, but I’d say I like Twitter because it makes me laugh and Instagram because it makes me feel like I’m there with the person.

What’s on your iPod?
Sam: iTunes Radio, like Top in Pop and Top of the Charts, and also Brittany Spears, Back Street Boys, and *NSYNC.
Erin: Country music and rap.  Country music reminds me of summertime at home, driving around with the windows down, playing music. Rap gets me amped up before a test or during a run.

One Word That Your Friends Use to Describe You
Sam: I hope my friends would say I’m fun.
Erin: Peppy.

One Word That You Use To Describe Yourself
Sam: Ambitious
Erin: Optimistic

Greatest Adventure
Sam: My greatest adventure is coming here! I knew about the ASH program for an entire year before applying. I’ve been excited about this for a long time.
Erin: This semester is my greatest adventure as well. This is the farthest and longest I’ve been away from home.

Something Few People Know about Me
Sam: People are surprised that I have a twin sister.
Erin: Hmmm. Well, I went to state in the Vocabulary Bowl in 7th grade. And I’ve broken every one of my toes.

Person You’d Most Like to Meet
Sam: Elvis.
Erin: Mia Hamm.

Greatest Vice
Sam: I worry too much about school. If I’m at the beach I think, “I should have brought my notes!”
Erin: Oreos! I haven’t been without them in my room all semester.

Best Talent
Sam: I love to organize things! Picking out my schedule for the next semester is so much fun. I enjoy getting all the time slots to work out.
Erin: I’m good at encouraging other people.

Dream Job
Sam: If I could be anything and get paid I would be a professional tennis player.
Erin: My dream job is head up Social Responsibility for an NGO (non-government organization), and I’m going for it!

Favorite Movie
Sam: A Cinderella Story
Erin: Sound of Music

Favorite TV Show
Both: Friends

Reality Show I’d Go On
Sam: Either The Hills or Wipeout
Erin: Most Extreme Eliminations

If A Movie Were Made About Me, I’d Want this Actor to Play Me
Sam: Blake Lively
Erin: Reese Witherspoon

If I’m cooking we’re having
Sam: Fiesta Lime Chicken!
Erin: Hay Stacks

Favorite Thing to Do at Home
Sam: Hanging out with friends, playing Just Dance.
Erin: Playing soccer with my family and going to concerts in the summer with my friends.

Favorite Thing to Do in Hawai‘i
Sam: Swimming in the ocean. I went to the North Shore last week, and the big waves were so much fun to play in!

Sam at the beach

Sam at the beach

Erin: Swimming in the ocean and also hiking. There aren’t any mountains in the mid-west!


Erin at the top of Mt. Tantalus

Erin at the top of Mt. Tantalus

Favorite Spot on Campus
Sam: My dorm! We’ve got air-conditioning, study rooms, and a game room.
Erin: The Japanese Gardens. It’s so peaceful there and a great place to get sun and get some work done.

Favorite Place in Hawai‘i (so far)
Sam: Top of the Makapuʻu Lighthouse trail. We saw whales the last time we were there.
Erin: Kaʻena Point, the westernmost tip of the island. We jumped in the ocean once we got there.

Favorite Local Food
Both: Acai bowls – they’re everywhere, all over the island.

Favorite Hawai‘i Tradition
Sam: Giving leis to the opposing basketball team members. It’s such a friendly gesture!
Erin: I like lei-giving as well. On my 21st birthday my friend gave me a lei.


Erin and Sam meeting pro bowl players

Erin and Sam meeting pro bowl players