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Coming to a Close

Hello! Well, tomorrow is the start of December. It’s pretty crazy how fast we all went from thinking how unbelievable it was that we had already been in Hawaii for 2 weeks to almost having to say that we only have a little over 2 weeks left. This state has brought me an experience unlike any that I expected prior to landing at HNL almost 4 months ago. Scuba diving as been my favorite activity our here, and it’s a hobby that I’m very excited to take with me and continue back home–though the water won’t be nearly as warm and blue. My most recent dive was probably the best one yet because I got to see so much differing marine life, and some things that I hadn’t seen or done before (like spotted eagle rays or holding a sea urchin). Check out some pictures from the dive:

As the end of the semester is coming to a close, everyone seems to have the same split feelings. We all get more and more excited that we’re going to be able to see all our friends & family from home, but we have the completely opposite feeling towards leaving this paradise. November has gone by especially fast thanks to all the days that we had no classes. I have no idea how people can try to take in all that Hawaii has to offer in a week-long vacation, because even now I still find myself trying to squeeze in as much Hawaii into these last 2.5 weeks as I can. I’ll be making a trip to the Big Island this weekend. I’ll finally get to see Hawaii’s active volcano along with all of the other awesome sights that the island has to offer.

Looking forward to the rest of what I can get from this semester. Mahalo!