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so i’ve been here in hawai’i for two (yes, twwwooooooo) semesters! i loved hawai’i so much that i had to stay. it has been very hard for me, since i’m S U P E R close to my family [who’s in california] but i feel like, if i didn’t stay when i had the chance, i would’ve regretted it. so now i am here.. and i don’t regret it one bit..               =]



this was taken fall2010 football season with last semester’s roommate, julia. =]

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Aloha! Maya here, Haverford College class of 2012 and Semester in Hawai’i student for fall 2010! We’ve only been here three weeks or so, but Hawai’i already feels like home. Every day has been a new adventure, and it has been such a gift to live in such a beautiful place. An example of a great adventure:

Last night was the premiere of the re-make of “Hawaii Five-O,” screened in Kapiolani Park on Waikiki Beach. And yes, this picture is real:

That’s right! That IS me with Daniel Dae Kim, STAR of “Hawaii Five-0” and “Lost” AND Haverford College class of 1990!! Haverford, being a school of only 1200, is very proud of our small number of celebrities, and so I simply had to get a picture with him at this premiere!

I can’t say it was easy to get to this point. We were already running late when we missed our no. 4 bus to Waikiki. I was sitting at the bus with the other Haverford kids (Rudy, Isaac and Aubrey), feeling sad that we had to wait for the next one, when we get a call from the one and only ANNA WOMACK, program director of A Semester in Hawai’i and woman extraordinaire! She had just driven by our sad faces at the bus stop, and was now offering us a ride! Honestly, and I’m not just saying this because this is the program blog, but Anna is REALLY the best.

By the time we got to the premiere, every man, woman, child and tourist on the island of O’ahu was on that beach, trying to get a good spot to watch the premiere. I ended up watching behind the screen where there was more room, and where I knew the VIPs and celebrities had to pass to make their way out. After the show, (which was AWESOME, by the way), I yelled out to Daniel Dae Kim saying “DANIEL! I’m a Haverford Student! Please can I get a picture with you?” He was nice enough to stop and say cheese.

Overall, it was a great night and a wonderful experience! And what a catchy theme song!