Complete College America

I am very pleased to report to you that results of one of our major initiatives—the Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative—are garnering national attention for the University of Hawaiʻi.

Part of our progress can be seen in the 20 percent increase in UH graduates since 2008. More recently, in fall 2012, there was a 14.7 percent increase in the number of students taking 15 credits or more systemwide.

Because of these and other measures, Hawaiʻi was one of only three states chosen by Complete College America for an academy to develop next steps and specific strategies to improve college completion outcomes. Complete College America brought about 16 staff to the state capital and UH chancellors, vice chancellors and staff from across our 10 campus system—about 100 in all—participated in planning for specific completion goals.

In addition, the University of Hawaiʻi has been invited to present our 15-to-Finish campaign at Complete College America’s annual conference in December. The president of Complete College America says Hawaiʻi is among the top 5 to 10 states in making progress toward increasing graduation rates.

We have a video that was shot at the recent two-day Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative Summit II at the State Capital and explains why all of us at the University of Hawaiʻi should be very proud of what we are accomplishing in this area.