A visit with Kenya’s Ambassador Elkanah Odembo

UH Visit

Pictured with me from left, Joanne Taira and Ambassador Elkanah Odembo.

I had the honor of meeting with the Republic of Kenya’s Ambassador to the United States today, along with Joanne Taira, UH’s Senior Executive for International and Strategic Initiatives.

Ambassador Elkanah Odembo will be a special guest at this Sunday’s Honolulu Marathon where he will support one of the world’s top marathoners and Kenya-native Wilson Kipsang, who is entered in the race. He will be one to watch. Kipsang was recently on the east coast for the New York City Marathon, but it was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy.

Ambassador Odembo dropped in at my office for a courtesy visit and a nice discussion about education in our respective countries. He has been Kenya’s ambassador to the U.S. since 2010. He is the founding director of Ufadhili Trust, the Centre for Philanthropy and Social Responsibility—a Kenyan institution that seeks to promote the spirit of giving, philanthropy and the use of local resources to improve lives.