Outreach visit to Indonesia – Day 1

I’m currently traveling in Indonesia with a UH delegation that includes College of Arts and Sciences Dean Denise Konan and Assistant Professor Maya Soetoro-Ng. Here are some details and pictures of this very productive trip, which has exceeded our expectations in many ways.

More updates coming soon!

woman at podium

Speaking to more than 500 students at the Islamic University of Indonesia about new initiatives in the Asia Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction Resiliency(APDR3) network and its role in building resilience. I highlighted the growing partnership between the University of Hawai’i and the Islamic University of Indonesia.

group having a business meeting over coffee

With UH Manoa assistant professor Maya Soetoro-Ng and UH Manoa Dean of the College of Social Sciences Denise Konan, discussing the expanding partnership in the area of Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience with Rector Edy Suandi Hamid and Mochamad Teguh, Dean of Civil Engineering and Planning at Islamic University of Indonesia.

large group photo posted on steps

The UH delegation and APDR3 Network team at the Islamic University of Indonesia where Maya Soetoro-Ng addressed more than 500 post-graduate students. As part of the theme Education for Peace, Soetoro-Ng discussed tolerance and place-based education, values that she says she learned during her youth in Yogyakarta.

woman speaking to an audience seated at round tables

Dean Denise Konan speaks to UH Manoa and Islamic University of Indonesia faculty. Participants explored further opportunities to expand educational relationships.

group seated at round table

UH Manoa Professor of Economics Nori Tarui leads a discussion on expanding international educational partnerships with faculty from the Islamic University of Indonesia.

group shot

Our delegation at the Pustakasala Museum within the Islamic University of Indonesia library. The museum holds an ancient Buddhist temple that is more than a thousand years old and discovered beneath 10 feet of earth during the construction of UII’s library in 2009. The temple is adorned with intricate designs that were buried during a volcanic eruption long ago. UII decided to restore the archaeological find and incorporated the feature as a museum within the library.

group meeting at banquet tables

Denise Konan and members of the Asia Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction Resiliency network (APDR3) discuss initiatives with local microfinance institutions to support local farmers. The 2010 Mount Merapi volcanic eruption created the impetus for designing innovative financial systems to develop resilience mechanisms in the event of disasters such as volcanic eruptions.

group outside listening to a man speak

Denise Konan talks to a snake fruit farmer from the slopes of Mount Merapi. The APDR3 network team examined the impact of the Mount Merapi volcanic eruption.

group shot at cultural performance

With Maya Soetoro-Ng, Denise Konan, other UH officials and the APDR3 network delegation at Gadjah Mada University where we enjoyed student performances of Acehnese Saman dance and a scene from the Ramayana. The University of Hawaiʻi and Gadjah Mada University are looking to develop exchange programs and seek opportunities for supporting Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience initiatives under the APDR3 network.

group listening to a presenter seated at tables with indonesian fabric decoration

With APDR3 delegates and officials from the Islamic University of Indonesia listening to a presentation about successful resettlement programs dedicated to relocating villagers from communities that were badly impacted by the Mount Merapi volcanic eruption.

Greenwood and Soetero-Ng with Indonesian representatives

Traveling with Maya Soetoro-Ng to Pagar Jurang village to hear stories about communities that were rebuilt after the volcanic eruptions. These site visits provide context for this week’s Asia Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (APDR3) Symposium in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesian villager with her arm around UH President MRC Greenwood

Visiting resettled villagers affected by the Mount Merapi volcanic eruption.