Outreach visit to Indonesia – Day 2

Our work in Indonesia continues during a very eventful second day.

View photos from day 1.

large meeting

I led a discussion on bilateral cooperation and enhancing collaboration opportunities with the Rector of Gadjah Mada University, one of Indonesia’s largest and most prestigious universities.

Dignitaries signing memoranda

I signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Gadjah Mada University Rector Pratikno, to enhance cooperation and exchange between the University of Hawai’i and Gadjah Mada University.

Dignitaries shaking hands

UH Manoa College of Social Sciences Dean Denise Konan shakes hands with Gadjah Mada University’s Dean of Economics, to mark enhanced cooperation and exchange between the universities.

press conference room

Here we are fielding media questions from Indonesian reporters. UH Manoa College of Education professor Maya Soetoro-Ng, UH Manoa College of Social Sciences Dean Denise Konan, UH Manoa College of Arts and Humanities Dean Peter Arnade, Gadjah Mada University’s Vice Rector Dwikorita Karnawati and I answered questions about bilateral cooperation and APDR3 Symposium events.

trio of panelists

I am joined by Gadjah Mada Rector Pratikno and Maya Soetoro-Ng as we address an auditorium full of students. Maya Soetoro-Ng also gave the crowd a wonderful lecture entitled Education for Peace.

group on a tour indoors

Maya Soetoro-Ng and I toured the Gadjah Mada University Museum, which was once faculty housing that hosted UH alumna Ann Dunham Soetoro and her children, Maya Soetoro-Ng and U.S. President Barack Obama.

large group on an indoor tour

Maya Soetoro-Ng looks at a tribute to her brother Barack Obama in a room that he stayed in as a child. The home once belonged to the person who was instrumental in creating the vision for Gadjah Mada University.

woman and man at large round table

Maya Soetoro-Ng meets with the Governor of Papua province to discuss future collaboration in education.

administrators shaking hands

I also had the pleasure of meeting with the Governor and First Lady of Papua province to discuss future educational collaboration.

group shot in front of museum

Maya Soetoro-Ng and I join Gadjah Mada University’s faculty for a photo at the opening of their new museum. The museum was built at a home that Soetoro-Ng and her brother U.S. President Barack Obama often stayed at during their childhood.

group at large round table

Maya Soetoro-Ng discusses education with the Governor, legislature and regency heads of Papua province.