Outreach visit to Indonesia – Day 3

The Indonesian outreach visit continues; photos from our third day there.

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group from Hawaii listening to a man in Indonesian garb speak

group shot

The APDR3 delegation visit the Sultan of Yogyakarta’s Keraton Palace. The palace became a refuge after the 2010 Mount Merapi eruption. We learned about community resilience and cultural preservation measures.

group by a mud flow

The APDR3 delegation studies laharic (mud and debris) flows from the Mount Merapi eruptions. Gadjah Mada University representatives describe a multidisciplinary program developed in conjunction with the University of Hawai’i’s Pacific Disaster Center, to support early warning systems that combine the latest technologies with community practices. Such partnerships and concepts have been the central focus of discussion of this week’s APDR3 Symposium in Indonesia.

woman in an rickshaw with pink sunglasses

President Greenwood rides a traditional becak, or rickshaw, during her visit to Indonesia, where she and the APDR3 delegation are learning about urban resilience practices.

group at mud flow

UH Manoa Assistant Professor Maya Soetoro-Ng and the APDR3 delegation visit major infrastructure interventions by Indonesia’s Central Government. The project reduces the risk of landslides from laharic (mud and debris) flows from Mount Merapi. The local government has also worked with the community to develop early warning and monitoring systems.

large posed group shot outdoors

The APDR3 delegation poses at a lahar flow site. This visit highlighted partnerships between the government and the communities.

group sampling Indonesian produce

Communities welcome the APDR3 delegation to the upper slopes of Mount Merapi. The community has developed sophisticated early warning systems and evacuation plans that coordinate with scientists from Gadjah Mada University. We sampled snakefruit, guava, oranges and other local treats from a recent harvest.

woman speaking at microphone

UH Manoa Assistant Professor Maya Soetoro-Ng speaks to a small village on the slopes of Mount Merapi, where she commends the community on the impressive efforts it has made to create disaster risk reduction plans.

woman speaking with media

UH Manoa Assistant Professor Maya Soetoro-Ng talks to the local media at a small village on the slopes of Mount Merapi. She discusses the sophistication of community resilience efforts that have stretched across various disciplines to reduce disaster risk.

group visiting palace ruins in Indonesia

Standing in the ruins of an old palace that was devastated by the 1867 earthquake. Indonesia experiences about a third of all high casualty earthquakes in the world. The site visit was the centerpiece for a discussion on coping mechanisms, natural hazards and building resilience.

touring ruins in Indonesia

group listening to an Indonesian government official

A local government official and the APDR3 delegation discuss expanding efforts to build resilience at the ruins of past natural disasters.

group shot with Indonesian dancers

UH Manoa Social Sciences Dean Denise Konan and the APDR3 delegation enjoy a Ramayana performance in the courtyard of a 9th century temple.

Ramayana dancer with a young boy

tour group in Indonesia

Me and the APDR3 delegation conclude their urban resilience tour outside the old entrance to the Taman Sari Palace, one of the key symbols of the Yogyakarta Sultanate.

man trying batik

Associate Professor of Engineering at UH Manoa, Roger Babcock, tries his hand at batik, a traditional wax print method that has gained widespread popularity in Hawai’i and the world.

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  1. Kathy L Aldinger

    Aloha President Greenwood,

    I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to have attained my University of Hawai’i at Mānoa degree with Honors in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from such a highly acclaimed hands on university! I was involved as an APEC intern under Dr. Konan’s guidance and learned more during that experience than I would have going to Harvard or Yale!

    My company Ease Collection sent over a donation of close to 200 masks for the Asia Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction & Resiliency (APDR3) conference in Indonesia. It is because of my ongoing relationships with Dr. Konan, Dr. Soetoro-Ng and APDR3 member Chris Chiesa that Ease Collection and Dr. Denyse Ray were compelled to make this donation. Maya shared with me that the masks were well received.

    Please visit my BlogSpot entry regarding this gift and other areas of philanthropy that Ease Collection is committed to at:

    I am very fortunate and humbled to bring together my motto “Seeking Worldwide Peace Through Giving” and fashion in a career as a Global Fashion Ambassador…all because of my UH-Mānoa experiences!

    Kathy L. Aldinger

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