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State lawmakers tour UH Manoa

group of people walking

Thanks to UH Manoa Assistant Vice Chancellor Steve Meder, who led the tour with Rep. Isaac Choy to his right. Chancellor Tom Apple follows to his left with the rest of the group as we head to Edmondson Hall.

We had a robust discussion on the physical condition of the UH Mānoa campus with several lawmakers who took time out of their busy schedules yesterday to take a brief tour of some of our facilities. Many thanks to Representatives Isaac Choy, Calvin Say, Karen Awana and Henry Aquino for joining us on the tour. Thanks also to Rep. Linda Ichiyama who sent staff members on her behalf.

Regents John Holzman, James Lee and Randy Moore also joined us as UH Mānoa Assistant Vice Chancellor Steve Meder and UH Mānoa Chancellor Tom Apple led us on a tour of Snyder Hall which is in dire need of renovations. We also walked through Edmondson Hall which is currently being renovated, and we enjoyed exploring a couple of newly renovated classrooms in Sakamaki Hall.

Our deepest thanks to Reps. Choy, Say, Awana and Aquino for visiting our campus. We hope to host another tour for other state lawmakers in the near future.


UH Manoa Assistant Vice Chancellor Steve Meder gives lawmakers and UH regents a tour of a classroom laboratory in need of repair and renovation.

Ohia lehua gift from UH Hilo and Hawaii CC

Ohia lehua gift to President Greenwood

I am truly touched by the wonderful gift presented to me by UH Hilo Chancellor Don Straney and Hawaiʻi Community College Chancellor Noreen Yamane while I was on my campus aloha visit this week.

Don and Noreen gave me two ʻōhiʻa lehua trees that they planted in the indigenous gardens at UH Hilo’s ʻImiloa Astronomy Center.

Thank you for the honor Chancellors Straney and Yamane.

Ohia lehua gift to President Greenwood

Ohia lehua gift to President Greenwood

Ohia lehua gift to President Greenwood

Farewell to UH West Oahu

UH West O'ahu bye visit

UH President Greenwood's final visit to UH West Oahu

Saying goodbye to UH West Oʻahu Chancellor Rockne Freitas and his administration. I enjoyed a really nice visit and want to thank our excellent faculty, staff and administrators for their dedication and excellent work.

UH President Greenwood's final visit to UH West Oahu

With members of the Associated Students of UH West Oʻahu and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lui Hokoana.

UH President Greenwood's final visit to UH West Oahu

Chancellor Rockne Freitas and his team.

UH President Greenwood's final visit to UH West Oahu

I enjoyed an excellent lunch and fabulous entertainment.

Mauna Kea visit

Mauna Kea

I visited Mauna Kea with UH Hilo’s Jerry Chang this morning and met Kiʻaina Schubert, a UH Hilo graduate who works as a computer technician for the Subaru Telescope.

Subaru is an 8.2-meter optical infrared telescope at the summit, operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ).

Kauai CC visit


The administration, faculty, staff and students of Kauaʻi Community College are doing some exciting things. As you may know, Kauaʻi CC will be part of command and control for HiakaSat, which will fly on Hawaiʻi’s first space launch next year from Kauaʻi’s Pacific Missile Range Facility.

I had the pleasure of visiting recently with Ramona Kincaid, Kauaʻi CC Chancellor Helen Cox, Brandon Shimokawa, James Dire and Bruce Getzan, among others.

Senator Mazie Hirono visits the UH Cancer Center

Senator Hirono visits UH Cancer Center

U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono visited our University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center on August 6. She graciously took time out of her busy schedule to speak to the center’s faculty and staff and take a tour of our new, state-of-the-art facility in Kakaʻako. We also had a sit-down lunch on the center’s open-air veranda.

It was an enjoyable visit and we are grateful to Senator Hirono for spending time with us.