The Proteomics facility provides for users state-of-the-art equipment and supporting material for mass spectrometry analysis, as well as specific software for data analysis. Most of our equipment was purchased from Bruker Daltonics. LC systems interfaced to amaZon Speed CaptiveSpray ETD ion trap and to HR-TOF maXis Impact mass spectrometers are the Nano-Advance splitless nano-LC from Bruker-Michrom.


Capabilities:  Protein identification, Top-down protein sequencing, LC-MALDI-TOF and TOF-TOF, quantitative proteomics, MALDI Imaging, MALDI Biotyper.

Our MALDI-TOF is coupled to a LC-Proteineer fc II, for automated fraction collection and proteomics workflow.


2. Ion-trap AmaZon Speed ETD LC/MS

Capabilities: Analysis of protein post-translational modifications, protein sequencing, protein profiling and identification.


3. Ultra-high resolution qTOF maXis Impact LC-MS

Capabilities: High resolution protein identification, bottom-up proteomics, top-down protein sequencing, pesticide screening, metabolomics, quantitative proteomics with SILAC, N15 or iTRAQ, glycosylation analysis, molecular mass calculation with sub-ppm accuracy.


We also provide to our customers access to 1D and 2D gel apparatus, as well as supplies and expertise for running these gels. Arrangements with people in the lab must be organized prior to run an experiment to avoid schedule conflicts.

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