To request a service from the facility, THESE STEPS ARE REQUIRED:

1) Make a 1-hour, free consulting appointment to discuss your Proteomic service requests with Dr. Yihan Li ( Extra time will be charge as consultation fee.

2) To fill, first save form in your computer: UH Proteomics Core – User form.

3) Prepare your samples, according to suggestions made during appointment and/or discussed via email with specific applications personnel. Do not forget positive and negative controls.

4) Deliver your samples for analysis to the Proteomics Core in person. The investigator will then sign in a receipt of sample delivery.

5) Once your results are ready, we will contact you and provide you with the raw files. For Data analysis you may choose to: a) analyze it by yourself in the computer at the Satellite Data Center, established at JABSOM – BSB 222; or b) have it analyzed by the core personnel, in which case data analysis services will be charge.

6) Your raw data will be stored in the Proteomics Core computer for 1 (one) year, and you should make a copy of the raw data for yourself during this period. After one year, it will be permanently deleted.

The Proteomics Core Facility is a BSB-2 safety level laboratory. Therefore, we DO NOT ACCEPT samples infected with human pathogens neither samples containing radioactive material to be analyzed in the core facility.



The Proteomics Core will provide a comprehensive range of Proteomics services for a fee*.

– Design, performance and analysis of proteomic studies;

– Proteome profiling in biological fluids and tissues;

– Protein identification;

– Phosphoproteome/phosphoprotein analysis;

– Peptide mass fingerprinting.

The first hour of this consultation is COMPLIMENTARY for the investigator, and is REQUIRED by the core prior to any service performance.

For extensive data analysis that requires more complex bioinformatics we recommend you consultation with the Biostatistics & Data Management Core Facility.

Our equipment is connected to powerful bioinformatics tools that will help the user with mining, filtering and capturing meaningful proteomics data at which you will have access as a customer.

We may pursue: glycoprotein analysis, glycoproteome and phosphoprotein analysis on a collaborative basis ONLY if specific personnel involved have time availability.

Even on collaborative basis, investigators are still expected to bear costs of supplies, equipment run and personnel time.

NOTE: When substantial intellectual input and research effort is required from our Core crew in order to perform and analyze your data, authorship is expected on scientific journal articles or presentations. Reimbursement via fee-for-service for such work does not preclude or replace authorship due to intellectual input.