Iulai 2: Hoʻoheno no ka Lunakānāwai Kiʻekiʻe Harris

Iulai 2, 1881: In Memoriam – Chief Justice Harris

On July 2, 1881, Chief Justice Harris passed away. His work was honored by members of the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court bar on July 6, 1881 in a series of condolences. Justice Hartwell presented the following statement on behalf of a committee selected by the Bar to draft resolutions concerning Chief Justice Harris:

The Bar of the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands being assembled at the office of the Attorney General of the Kingdom this 6th day of July, A.D. 1881, in respect for the memory of His Honor the late Chief Justice Charles C. Harris, do resolve : That, by the death of Chief Justice Harris, the interests of the Hawaiian Kingdom have sustained a great loss . . . [Moreover] That these resolves be presented in open Court, with the request that they be entered upon the records of the Supreme Court.”

Below is a snapshot of the first page of the condolences contained in the fourth volume of the Hawaii Reporter. Continue reading “Iulai 2: Hoʻoheno no ka Lunakānāwai Kiʻekiʻe Harris”