Iulai 31: “Mele Hoihouana”

July 31, 1843: Restoration Anthem

On July 31, 1843, Rear Admiral Richard Thomas of the British Navy ended five months of occupation in Hawaiʻi. As part of the festivities, a restoration anthem was penned to commemorate the momentous occasion. Please find below transcriptions for the Restoration Anthem in both ʻŌlelo and English:

Available in Chronological File, 1790 – 1849 1843 Jul 31 (1 of 2).

Mele Hoihouana

E ko makou Alii!
Mahalo i ka Moi,
I keia la!
E mau kou ola nei!
E mau kou Aupuni!
No na hanauna hoi
Poni paa.

Nani! ka inoa maikai!
Me kona aina nae!
Toma ke koa!
Mahalo i ko maikai
Kou wikiwiki mai
Maluna o ke kai
E kuu na paa!

Hiilani i ke Lii!

Iehova ka Moi
E hapai no

Nui ka leo! E
Kani kani nei!

Ola na kamalii
Ia oe no

Honolulu Oahu
Iulai 31/43

Restoration Anthem!

Hail! to our rightful King.
We joyful honors bring
This day to thee
Long live your Majesty;
Long reign this Dynasty;
And for posterity
The sceptre be.

Hail! To the worthy name,
Worthy his country’s fame
Thomas the Brave!
Long shall thy virtues be,
Shrined in our Memory
Who came to set us free:
Quick oʻer the wave.

Praise to our Heavenly King!
To Thee our thanks we bring;
Worthy of all;

Loud, we thine honors raise;
Loud is our song of praise
Smile on our future days

Sovereign of all.

Dated at Honolulu Oahu
July 31/43.

Copied by Moses K. Kekuaiwa.

Available in Chronological File, 1790 – 1849 1843 Jul 31 (1 of 2).