Kepakemapa n.d.: Nalowale ke Kala

September 1887 (n.d.): Missing Money

The following excerpt was “filed” at the front of the folder containing Attorney General records from September 1887. The letter intimates that certain fraudulent activities were occurring at the police station house in Honolulu. Specifically, that there were shortages in the accounts at the station house. The letter explains that this has become a regular occurrence since the “unceremonious dismissal of  “the old faithful servant McKeage [McKeague].” Officer Sam McKeague was the station house keeper for Honolulu, prior to the events referenced in this letter. See Richard A. Greer, “Sweet and Clean”: The Chinatown Fire of 1886,” 10 Haw. J. Hist. 33 (1976) (available here).  The author of this letter is unknown (it contains no signature or address). The attorney general at this time was Clarence Ashford, who replaced Antone Rosa just a few months prior.

A brief transcription is provided below for this short excerpt.

Available in Attorney General Records 1887, September.

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