Kepakemapa 8: Ke Aliʻi kūʻē iā Maohe a me Manele

September 8, 1852: King v. Maohe and Manele

While adultery cases were quite common in the Kingdom era, less common were cases involving a “ménage à trois.” In this Second Circuit Court Minute Book entry, Judge Richardson heard a criminal case of adultery brought against Manele (the wife), and Maohe (an unmarried male). Puhi, the legal husband, was listed as an accessory (kōkua hewa). Witnesses testified that they saw them sleeping together at Puhi’s house, with the husband on one side, Manele in between, and Maohe on the other side. It was repeatedly stated that the husband did not give up his wife for purposes of prostitution. The case was tried in Mokulau in Kaupo. An excerpt from this case, followed by a short transcription, are provided below.

Available in Judiciary Branch Records, 242-2 Civil and Criminal Minute Books of 2d CC, Judge John Richardson, July 1852-December 1853.

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