Kepakemapa 10: No ke Kumukānāwai o ka Hui Kūʻai ʻĀina o Wainiha

September 10, 1877: Regarding the Constitution of the Land Acquisition Association of Wainiha

As explained by Adam Roversi in his article entitled, The Hawaiian Land Hui Movement: A Post-māhele Counter-Revolution in Land Tenure and Community Resource Management, “[i]n 1869, seventy-one Hawaiians joined together to purchase virtually the entire 15,000-acre ahupuaʻa of Wainiha on the Island of Kauaʻi. Although they held title to the land as private property, they did so communally, sharing the use and management of the unoccupied and uncultivated portions of the ahupuaʻa including the near shore fishery.” This group was known as Hui Kuai Aina o Wainiha. Nearly 80 years later in 1947, this Hui was forcibly broken apart in partition proceedings initiated by McBryde Sugar Company.

Below are short excerpts of the original organizing document entitled, “Kumukanawai o ka Hui Kuai Aina o Wainiha.” A transcription follows.

Available in Wainiha, Hui Kuai Aina o Wainiha Records, 1877 – 1900.

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