Kepakemapa 23: Kalahala ʻana ʻo Kepelino Kahōʻāliʻi

September 23, 1876: Pardoning of Kepelino Kahōʻāliʻi

Kepelino was a staunch supporter of Queen Emma. Credit: Honolulu Advertiser Library Archives

On September 23, 1876, the Privy Council met to recommend to his majesty, King Kalākaua, to pardon a number of prisoners. Of those prisoners listed for consideration was “Kahoalii,” who had been sentenced to death for treason. “Kahoalii,” formally known as Zepherin “Kepelino” Kahōʻāliʻi Keauokalani was a Native Hawaiian cultural historian famous for authoring Kepelino’s Traditions of Hawaii.  Kepelino’s treason case was connected to Queen Emma and his support for her candidacy for the throne in the 1874 monarchical election against Kalākaua. Rioting immediately ensued. After the queen’s loss, Kepelino became involved in an unsuccessful plot to overthrow Kalākaua. Continue reading “Kepakemapa 23: Kalahala ʻana ʻo Kepelino Kahōʻāliʻi”

Iune 29: No ka Hale Pāʻina

June 29, 1857: Regarding a Victualing House

In the excerpt below, originally found in the Privy Council Minutes, a resolution was passed which granted the petition of Wm. Ryan for the remission of one half the fine imposed for keeping a victualing house without a license. It was granted on condition that he would pay for a license.

Prince Lot also questioned the appropriateness of introducing licenses for taverns and hotels, and adding a clause forbidding them to be turned into dance houses. A transcription of this page is contained below:

Available in Privy Council Minutes 1856-1858.

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Iune 3: No ke Kuʻikahi me nā ʻĀina ʻĒ

June 3, 1850:  Regarding Treaties with Foreign Nations

On June 3, 1850, the Privy Council considered a number of issues related to foreign relations. Of some interest is the determination that if the French and English refused to make a new treaty similar to that made with the United States, notice would be given that the existing treaty would cease in one year.

Available in Privy Council Minutes, Manuscript 1847-1850, Hawaiian

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