Mei 6: Kuʻikahi me Beretania

May 6, 1852: Ratification of Treaty between Britain and Hawaiʻi

Available in Treaties, Great Britain 1851.

Exchange of Ratifications.–The undersigned, having met together for the purpose of exchanging the ratifications of a Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and His Majesty the King of the Hawaiian Islands, concluded and signed at Honolulu on the tenth day of July, 1851; and the respective ratifications of the said instrument having been carefully compared, and found to be exactly conformable to each other, the said exchange took place this day in the usual form. In witness whereof, they have signed the present certificate of exchange, and have affixed thereto their respective seals. Done at Honolulu the sixth day of May, 1852.

[L.S.] /s/ Robert Crichton Wyllie

[L.S.] /s/ Wm Miller

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Mei 5: Kuʻikahi me Potugala

May 5, 1882: Provisional Treaty with Portugal – Containing Revisions

Available in Treaties Collection, Portugal folder.

His Majesty the King of the Hawaiian Islands and His Majesty the King of Portugal and of Algarves, equally desirous of finding and strengthening the relations of friendship and commerce which happily exist between their respective States, here resolved to conclude a Convention to regulate temporarily these relations, until a definite treaty can be made, and for this Purpose have appointed their Plenipotentiaries . . . .

Available in Treaties Collection, Portugal folder.

. . . . In testimony of which the respective Plenipotentiaries hereby sign and place their respective seals.

Made in Lisbon, in duplicate, on the fifth day of May [(in the year of Our Lord)] Eighteen Hundred and Eighty Two.