“The Richardson Literary Journal is an outlet for creative writing in the Richardson School of Law community.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to submit poems, short stories, book reviews, and whatever else they enjoy writing to this annual journal.  Everyone is encouraged to enjoy these literary pieces.”

our by-laws:

Submissions:  Any currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff member may submit any writing piece between the first day of classes and September 30th.  The journal co-editors will anonymize all submissions.

Editing and peer review:  Every author will then have a chance to read every other submission.  Their anonymous comments will flow through the co-editors to the authors.  The co-editors will be responsible for recommending grammatical revisions.  Editing and peer review will end on October 15th.
Resubmissions:  Authors may choose to edit their submissions and resubmit them by November 15th.
Voting for Submissions:  Every author may vote anonymously for any submission, yay or nay.  Where there are no votes cast for a submission, it will pass on the assumption that the author just forgot to vote for her own submission.  Where there is a tie, the submission will pass.
Voting for Editors:  Every author with a submission published in the last edition may vote for two co-editors for the next edition.  Any published author is eligible to be an co-editor, and a co-editor may be re-elected as long as she is enrolled or employed at the law school.  This voting will happen by January 31st.


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