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  • Sort of Sonnet for a Sunny Day by Mickey Knox

    We need a holiday down at the beach! That’s where we can make the courts. You can file complaints like “Beer Out of Reach” or “Too Much Sand in Shorts”. And I can write a memo on the shore down to where the waves abide: Breeze v. Sunshine.  It’ll take hours or more to submit […]

  • Limerick by Bradley J. Sova

    Someone you ought to avoid Is a dried up old pervert named Freud When he went to the prom His date was his mom Which made his dad quite paranoid

  • Limerick by Bradley J. Sova

    One day a mother named Rose Caught her son trying on women’s clothes “Dear, that’s dirty and wrong Especially the thong God knows why your father wears those”

  • Manoa Falls Trail by J. Michael

    Mist emerges from a fallen stream 150 feet above and pools below, Between a ring of rocks and mud. The water is pure from this morning’s Rain. Drunk off fresh air I continue My descent of Manoa Falls. Muddy trails make well-worn paths, Slippery slopes with tiny trickles Of runoff rain that escape into bamboo […]

  • China Man’s Hat, Kualoa Point by J. Michael

    A coral reef paves the path, Tropical fish darting in and out Of holes, sanctuary from hungry Aku Whose presence provokes fishermen To cast their lines barefoot from rocks That extending from white sand beaches With thick soles, heavy souls That long for older days rich In tradition. Past forgotten, Sovereignty lost with the few […]

  • Senseless by Melissa Summers-Day

    His nails smell of oranges, the grass under his arches, the darkness of the loam.   She feels the weight of his eyes in the walls of the room, the heaviness of his breath.   She hears her heart pause, the steps leaving his room, the emptiness of the bottle.   She sees the flexing […]

  • Dirty socks by Melissa Summers-Day

    Your socks. Your dirty balled up socks across the floor, one in and one out of your scuffed brown shoes and the long sharp nail of your big toe making a hole in the leather. The sounds of you, scratching scaly skin, pulling and picking at each offending toe nail, sharpening round edges into razors […]

  • Surf Session at Waikiki by J. Michael

    My board glides across a glassy Surface letting the sun’s rays waltz Over. I leave behind ebbed Tides that slowly steal sand one grain   At a time and paddle further Away from reassuring shores Through shallow surf. White peaks spray salt Mist on faces of fishermen   Far in the distance; they pull a […]

  • After Last Night: A study in Form by Mericia Palma

    The Woman in search of kindness, steps into the river Where currents flow and rocks block thoughts. Ideas, connected and tethered to the stars, Spread from the breast of Hera: milky and sweet, tempting the Butterfly Through the door and out the window, To the river, rushing; and on the shores, no sight of a […]

  • Frost in Law School by Mickey Knox

    Whose books are these, I think I know. She studies in the sem rooms, though. She will not mind me stopping here to watch the library slowly close. The librarians must think it queer to stop without a classmate near: Stopped without a path to take, just fall semester of the year. The silence echoes, […]


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